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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Coffee or Tea?

Beverly over at howsweetthesound posed the question, "Coffee or Tea?" So I commented:

Well, I used to be an exclusive tea drinker. Hot Tea for Me! My kindred_spirit_and_bff and I used to throw Victoria Day teas each year when our children were young! It all goes back to my childhood. When I would stay with my Irish grandparents in Boston. My Pop would greet my awakening eyes with "Top O' the Mornin' to You... will you have a cup o' tea?" Sitting in the kitchen of the old doubledecker 2 family home, sharing a quiet repast with these dear, long gone folks was a twice a day habit I continued long into adulthood. That first sip of my cuppa would whisk me away from bickering children, breakfastmaking and lunchpacking scurrying and give me a quiet moment to reflect those memories of my grandparents and have a moment of ahhhhh.

However, Sweet Hubby started drinking coffee every morning (strong and hot and black)when the fellas at work always had a pot going. For him, it was also a childhood memory, his Finnish grandmother visiting friends and relatives during MidSummer on a trip to Finland, going from house to house, drinking from demitasse cups that thick strong European brew. I guess that's how they stayed awake! So... now... either Hubby or I brew a pot of coffee upon rising and enjoy that together. Usually a vanilla blend, his fave flavor.

However, baby daughter LJ has picked up the teadrinkin' and we often share a cuppa together. She does enjoy a good Café con Leché from time to time, leftover from her semester in Spain. Oh this was a good reflection!

Well, we are off to St Louis and the Fabulous_Fox_Theatre to see


Beverly said...

Love that image of the lady drinking out of her cup. What a beauty.

PAT said...

Great post, Shay!

I can't wait to hear about Mama Mia!