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Saturday, July 28, 2007

the gift

Sometimes it's hard to believe I have a brain at all, let alone one that is supposedly educated.

Last Summer L was living in Spain and T came to visit, bringing L's October birthday presents with her and hiding them throughout the house with scavenger hunt hints. Well one of the gifts has never been located.

Yesterday I was working in the laundry room and came across a gift wrapped and labeled for L. I gladly brought it in to her delighted that I had finally found the missing gift from a year ago!!! We called T on the phone so she would be "with" us as L opened the gift!!! The girls were giggling and when L ripped off a corner I knew I had made a mistake!!!

Fast forward to earlier this summer. L was at a wedding and T & I went shopping and found a perfect gift for L for THIS birthday. Since T was dropping me off at the airport I asked her to take it home and wrap it and put it in the shelves where we keep gifts and wrapping paper.

Yep, you guessed it, it was the gift for THIS birthday. I'm sure you NEVER do anything like that. We were guffawing all day at my latest foible. I am the constant source of hilarity among my offspring. Cheez Whiz... I hope I have lifted your spirits!!!

Blessings Dear Ones!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

End of Summer

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Rememeber the surfer cult movie "Endless Summer"? Oh, what a dream... neverending summer. Of course that's the lure of tropical paradises. Well, it ain't happenin' here...

It's official... the end of the summer is visible. I can see it from here... I just attended Summer Conference which for all intents and purposes signifies "that's it, that's all you get"! sniffle I actually have 2 more weeks. Some teachers I spoke with go back on Monday. IN JULY!!! Can you imagine? (oh, maybe that's you too). It's time to gather my school supplies, get my head in the teaching mode and think about organizing my course schedules, start finding shoes besides flip flops and sandals.

I've had an adventurous summer. Been back and forth across the country from the middle to almost one coast to the other coast and back again. From pretty far South to Canadan waters. Not as many miles as last summer b/c I didn't leave the continent! But over it is.

One more trip, to NY, to celebrate GG1's 5th birthday!! I get to take her back to school shopping for her FIRST DAY of school!!! We are both excited!!!!

I can do this I can do this I can do this.


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Saturday, July 21, 2007

M & M's flavored ice and then some

Hubby placed his glass under the icemaker for his soda after a hot long day at work. M&M ice!!! Where did that come from? We've had a houseful off and on during the Summer, especially for the Fourth. Apparently someone put a small bag of M&M's on top of the ice in the freezer to cool it before munching on them and forgot! So the bag worked its way down to the bottom of the dispenser and the individual M&M's found their way out today. The glass looked kinda neat with the crushed M&M's but hubby wasn't going for it. Tossed the ice and washed out the container and started over. No one is confessing ownership!

We have roadrunners here in the Ozarks too. In fact just had one run across the road in front of me and up the driveway of the house I was passing. No coyote tho'.

I'm off to annual Summer Conference for most of the week. sigh Even though I am always glad I went, I hate that it signifies the end of Summer... my favorite time of year. School starts in the middle of August, interrupting all my fun. But alas, I'm the teacher so I guess I have to go!!!

Weekend Blessings!
UPDATE: T says it's hers!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I was thinking about the initials in our family. Years ago when there were just the 5 of us, we signed Christmas cards and other correspondance KSTJL, indicating the first letter for each of us in this little family. Well in thinking about posting a comment I noticed that so far, we STILL have a different initial for everyone in the family. T married D and they had grandgirlee#1 N. Then J married his C and GG#2 H came along. So far no duplicates.

Ah, but when we get into extended family it gets crazy, K & an R, and M & H then a B and oops it all goes off my theory with another R and my sissy T and her C and more then more repeats and oh well. It works only for the immediate clan.

J & C... the pressure is on for grandgirlee#3 to fit in with a letter of her own!

Blessings all!


It's a pleasant July morning and if you've never visited before, well, neither have I! I will try this blogging thang and see what happens. I always have lots to say and here's a spot to say it. Hope you don't get too bored as I flutter about the country & the world or give a microscopic view of my own little world...
My LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ comes first. The rest of my world consists mostly of my family: husband, children and their special spouses and my prodigious grandgirlees, and mothers, sis and extended family. And of course my friends and students.
So pour yourself a cuppa and wander in and out at will.

Blessings upon your day!