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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grant's American Family Dining

Today on the way home from Branson, we decided to check out a restaurant that I had read about in 417 Magazine not too long ago.

This restaurant has the dubious honor/challenge of being located right across the street from Lambert's, "Home of the Throwed Rolls" in Ozark, Missouri.

We specifically chose to go today because my Lambert's addicted son was not in attendance and we figured this was our chance to try out Grant's.
(I love you son!)

The first clue that we were going to like this place was what greeted us before even entering:

Grant grows his own tomatoes and herbs...
right out front!
Our visit was a delight, made especially so by the owner/namesake who came out to visit with all guests.

We started discussing dressings and Grant brought out samples of his Basil and Ranch dressings.
We dipped the wonderful rolls while waiting for our meal to arrive.
The Basil dressing is very very "fresh" tasting.
A little strong if you don't care for basil, but mmmmm, I llllliked it.

The Ranch dressing (mind you, Ranch is not my favorite) is the best Ranch I've ever ever ever had!
No vinegar fight in the mouth, smooth and yummy.
The Balsamic Honey on my Strawberry Spinach Salad was perfection,
thick and rich, not at all overpowering.
Oh, and the croutons?
Tender but crunchy, not at all the kind that make you nervous about breaking a tooth.
The food was wonderful.

Grant is a graduate of Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY.
He has an impressive resumé which is featured in frames and displayed on the wall leading to the back door
(you know, the restrooms).
His experience includes the Marriot in Kansas City,
California Wine Country in Sonoma Valley, and when given the opportunity to raise his young girls back in his beloved Midwest, Head Chef for Drury University in Springfield before venturing into his namesake.
He has taken the space of a former pizza joint and transformed it into a funky, industrial yet intimate dining establishment.
*all photos (except planters) from Grant's website or noted
Grant declared that some of his inspiration came from his Foods teacher back in 7th grade who wowed him with the magical production a fantasitical meringue out of mere egg whites.
Oh sure his website mentions family, but as a Family & Consumer Sciences educator, I'll stick to the teacher he brought up in our conversation, thank you.

Photo from 417 Magazine

Grant sent us home with 2 homemade long loaves of French Bread or were they Italian?
Doesn't matter, he didn't want them to go to waste, doesn't like using day old and blessed us!

So go visit Grant's American Family Dining.
If you are a Foods teacher in the area,
Grant would LOVE to work with you, demo for your classes, tour the restaurant.
Give him a call!

Stay in business so we can visit again, and often.
It's over 100 miles for us, but we'll be back!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mr Wonderful!

Here's my Sweetie. I refer to him as my Sweet Hubby. How do you like him in his new Panama Hat hand carried from Ecuador?
Did you know that Panama Hats are ALL made in Ecuador? The reference to Panama came about back when Eisenhower was given such a chapeau while visiting the Panama Canal region and he referred to it as a Panama Hat. LJ just returned from a week in Ecuador, working at a leprosy clinic and brought this back to her dad.

So on to the Mr Wonderful part? After a long day at school I was weary and sleepy and my feet hurt. So my Sweet Hubby found some foot butter while I was laying down and proceeded to massage and lube up my feet. Oh, my it was wonderful! To the point that when we went out to run an errand, my feet were slip 'n' slide on my sandals! ha!

So now I refer to him as Mr. Wonderful!

BTW, those aren't my feet, they are my eldest's. Mine are dry and sore and ratty again.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Thursday was our anniversary.
Sweet Hubby and I have been married 32 years!!!
We went out to dinner and will go away next weekend.
He had (via LJ) these flowers sent to my classroom. Aren't they gorgeous? And they smell SO yummmmy!

I brought them home yesterday so I could enjoy them over the weekend.
Note the sweet little Willow Tree guy hanging on the vase.

And the colorful table runner that LJ brought me back from Guatemala.

I love my fam!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ho Hummm

I was commenting to my daughter (who just returned from Ecuador) that I am too worn out to blog. School started last week, today was our fifth day and I am so tired at the end of each day. I have nothing to say. I could blog about my daughter's trip. Maybe later. It seems I do nothing but talk all day and have nothing left. Except I have to get ready for tomorrow. Plus our student load is up about 25%, at least in my classes. I just feel tired. So I guess I'm trying to explain why I haven't added anything in a while.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna go lay down.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pet Peeve

Do you notice anything missing on this key fob?


The stinkin' key!!!!!!

This car had a push-button start!

This was my rental car last weekend when I went to NY.
It was so disconcerting to get into the car and try to figure out what to do with the stupid fob after getting in.
I was SOOOOoooooo afraid I was going to lose the fob.

Ugh, ugh ugh.
I do not mean to offend any who love this option, but it drove me BONKERS and I griped EVERY single time I got in the car.

It was WRONG!

Phew, I'm glad I got THAT off my chest.

What annoys you?

PS: In case you were wondering, it was a Nissan Altima