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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Missed Parties

I managed to join Beverly's PINK Saturday, but failed to get into the fun for some others.

So here is my late contribution to
Rhondi's Front Porch Party at Rose Colored Glasses:
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You can click on most pics to make them bigger.

(I've left it just as it is, dog wetspots-they go in the lake and then lay on the porch- and grass clippings. Even note the partial wood pallette, I transplanted hostas and there they are on the side of the porch, but Charlie likes to dig and lie there
so I am trying to protect them.)


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Several years ago I went down to Siloam Springs, Arkie with a dear friend, JoAnne. She had seen these hearts at the annual craft fairs weekend in Rogers and we went to the craftman's home and each picked up one of the these wrought iron heart planter thingies, she a few hanging ones too. My sweet JoAnne passed away in her sleep a few years ago and I think of her everytime I see this. The bunny has broken feet and has to be propped up, but he was at my old house when we moved in,
so we brought him along to this house.

Every Spring I have grand hopes & dreams of a luscious veggie garden, producing lots of tomatoes and Anaheims and herbs and and and. Well, See all the lush vegetation? They're weeds. Okay, there are some strawberries leftover from my friend, the previous owner. But I can't grow a thing. My black thumb tells me so. My pal Steph in Arkie told me right away it should be in at least 8 hours of sunlight a day. I know that, but this is where the garden sits so it's what I have to work with. This pic only shows about 1/3 of the garden because the other 2/3 is all weeds still. We had it tilled but it still got away from us and then time got away before we could get it planted. Pitiful, huh? Full of weeds, but great view!

And a little bit more of my foundation flora.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Your front porch looks so inviting.

Ottilias Veranda said...

Hi and thanks for visiting me! You know: All my garden is full of weeds!! You just have to plant things that cover them up!!


Rue said...

Hi Shay :)

You crack me up! I love the view from garden ;)

Your porch is beautiful... wet spots crates and all :)

Thank so much for coming by my blog!