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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yes Sir!

Whatta a fun and quick trip to KC Monday & Tuesday. This time LJ loaded her car, no trailer. (Last time Sweet Hubby and I loaded the trailer while LJ was at work, her last day.)

LJ and I went back up to her apt to drop off more "stuff" (That's how her boxes were labeled, stuff, stuff, more stuff), to buy items she still needed and to do some major cleaning. Although the apt is nice, it is a 1958 duplex that I'm sure has been a rental since it was built. The landlord is really sweet and helpful, but was out of the country when the last tenant moved out and in fact several weeks until the day before we moved stuff up there so it was not as pristine as we had hoped. He knocked $100 off the deposit and has been wonderful about fixing little things as well as installing new blinds, making sure things work great. We had seen the unit next door, which was "perfect" so it was a bit of a disappointment. But! It's less than a block from her campus and the best in her price range so it's okay. Just thought I'd show a few pics of her progress. We are decorating on the very very cheap. LJ's thought process is: beg stuff from Mom and Dad or get Mom to decorate (and pay).
View out the kitchen window. The school owns about 75% of the properties on this first block from campus and according to the landlord, the university put up this new fence the entire block! And there is plenty of offstreet parking.

There are hardwood floors throughout. They are in good condition, not perfect but not gouged and ruined either. Here are the steeeeep stairs with a peek at the full bath at the top.

We've been scouring dollar stores an our new fave, Cargo Largo. Before we left last Wednesday we had purchased some curtain "samples". You know, the ones you see hanging in Target or Walmart so you can see up close the off the shelf curtains. They are 20" or so by about 50". I forgot to measure. We bought enough to place 3 on each of the 4 windows downstairs for 50 cents each. Oh, and they were 25% off, so they were 37½ cents each! Wow, big spender, Mom. We went back Monday and LJ threw the rest that they had in our cart because they were now 80% off, 10 cents each!!!

I had to get out my seam ripper to remove the labels from the bottom of each. (I need to learn to focus or else put my glasses on when snapping a pic!)

Living room window BEFORE:

LR after:
The plaids don't line up perfectly.

Dining area window before:
Dining after:

And the bathroom off the kitchen... LJ loves her some RatPack!

I took some before photos of the kitchen but the grime just didn't show up. We spent several hours scrubbing the cabinets inside and out. See how they shine? they were gummy and grubby before. (I think we took off some finish too, but hey, they're pretty clean now)

When we'd "had enough" we got everything packed up in the car and headed down the street to get her books before heading home. She's not going to have another chance to hit the bookstore before classes start so why not?
It's a beautiful campus. I would LOVE to put this on my property somewhere. Where?

The first time LJ brought me to campus was when we were looking for apts.
There was a young couple with their maybe 2 yr old son walking through here.
They showed him the bubbler fountain and he ran over and right in it! It was hilarious. So sweet! Yesterday it was in the 90's with 200% humidity (Shay's heat index used) and I was tempted to walk thru too!

The campus is so serene.

Pleasant vignettes everywhere you look:


crazydaisy said...

BEAUtiful! I can't wait to visit! How come we're not staying up there longer? How soon til she starts school???

Beverly said...

What an exciting time of life. You did a great job.

hautemommy said...

WOW, that is a beautiful campus and what a cute home you have helped set up for her!!!! :) Can't wait to see where you are going on "vacation"! xoxox

Cherry Tree Lane said...

I love the retro old pictures! Great destination!