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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Not done yet.

MAN!!! I didn't know we had so much stuff. We are still cleaning out the old house and will put it on the market ASAP. Meanwhile we are loving the new place. I apologize for a previous post. I said if you have been paying attention you would know I was moving. Well, I think I failed to say anything! Please forgive me.

The last post had a pic of the front of the house. The bay window is the front bedroom. It will be a guest room and already J and family have broken it in last weekend during the move. It will be SOOOO nice to have actual dedicated guest rooms with grown up furniture instead of make-do's.

We took my mom out to lunch last Sunday and she was proudly decked out in her alma mater tee shirt. She smiled so nicely and the flowers were so pretty, I happily snapped this pic during our wait for a table.

This is the "soon to be" big sister doing what we do best... SHOPPIN' with Nana!!!

As a little teaser, here's a pic of my view when I wake up in the morning. Okay, sweet hubby usually isn't out there fishing yet but he snuck out the morning of this photo... Blessings all! Shay

Friday, September 21, 2007

First peek!

Here's a first peek of our new house. It is 9 miles north of our present house, 9 miles closer to civilization. We are in no way ready to go, we'll be doing the "dump in a box and run" method. So pray for our sanity and safety for all.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Time has flown and I have ignored blogging. Tomorrow mid-term grades are due... high school. When I told J, the Rx student, he thought it meant half the semester over and was disappointed when I said HS. Nope. But still it is amazing that 1/8 of the school year has transpired! I still am not in the groove. It'll happen.

We move this weekend. If anyone has been paying attention, the site at the top of the page will now be my daily view. More info soon.

My camera died ~~ won't even turn on, so today, after looking all summer, I bought a new camera. Haven't taken but one photo, but more to post soon. Stay tuned.

LJ and I travelled up to Columbia for the weekend to see J & C & GD2. Shopping and eating and napping were happy endeavors.

Our ladies' Bible Study has started up again and my dear friend Sandy is the leader. We are studying Beth Moore's "The Patriarchs". Such twists she inserts into the ancient stories of the Bible. I am not in any way suggesting that she is changing things. But her studies always make me look at things in a different way! I enjoy her heart for women and have been reading with much yearning the blogs of those who have been attending her conferences. Blessings to all!

Back to the grind in the a.m Shay