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Friday, May 30, 2008

Hair and There!

Remember my Baby Girl? She just graduated from college. Here she is taking Grandgirlee #1 to see Romeo Notice how long her hair is? She had her hair straightened at the Beauty School just for graduation. It took the girl 2 hours!!! That's how much hair she has!

Well, the Wednesday after graduation she went and had her mop lopped off!! For Locks of Love. This is her FOURTH donation and we added up 5 feet!

Here's after:

For her graduation Open House we got a keg,
of Root Beer! From here:

We had root beer straight from the tap and root beer floats. Sweet Hubby filled 2 litre bottles and took 'em to work. We had root beer ALL week. It was a yummy!Well Saturday we had to return the keg. And since it was Sweet Hubby's birthday, we stayed for lunch, dining out on the rooftop. The weather was PERFECT! Mid 70's with a gentle breeze! Usually can't take a photo without him talking through it.
Here he seems to have major hathead. Oh well.

Here Baby Girl is wearing her new doo Au Natural. (We all have curly hair!)And because it was Sweet Hubby's birthday, his perfect day would, of course, include going here:So we did!
Meanwhile up in Columbia, my pretty Daughter-in-Law called me asking how much the Rose Petal Cottage should cost. I was going to buy H one for her birthday but got her a kitchen suite instead. Well ~ apparently their WalMart had one in the box for $15! We couldn't remember how much it was supposed to be but they snapped it up. It rang up $85! But since they had told them $15, they got it for $15!! The girls LOVE it! Both of them.
Here they are playing house:

Even Baby J is into cooking:

And H loves the Dutch door where she stands and sings the song from Enchanted where Princess Giselle calls for all the animals to help her clean the apartment.
Ahhh, lovin' them all!


crazydaisy said...

Awesome! LJ is so cool! And her hair is so CUTE!!! And I love that little house! Perfect for the girlies! Love you lots!!!

Lisa said...

Too cute, $15 is a MUST have!! I love the naturally curly hair. Wish I had it, you guys are lucky!!

Beverly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your memories of tea and coffee.

Congratulations on the graduation. I love the new hair cut with the natural curls.