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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pink Saturday, Happy First Birthday Baby Jay & 100th Post!

I know, I know, it's been quite a while. What a happy way to blog again but to celebrate three things at once: Pink Saturday! Thank you Beverly!! Baby Jay's First Birthday last Saturday!! And my 100th Post. Sorry, no prizes or gifts... I gave them all to Baby Jay. The real reason I have been absent from this blog is the pressure of that 100th post. Those who have time (and blogger that will actually upload photos) have set the precedent so doggone high, that I waited and waited trying to come up with something stupendous for the momentous occaision. Well, Baby Jay did that for me, Thank you my girlee!

As you can see, Pink was the color of the day! The Birthday Princess (read the ribbon) was gorgeous as always!

I bought the girlees a pink Christmas tree. Jay griped about it being silly, but hey, gotta go with it when you around surrounded by females, son! I didn't imagine that he would use it as part of the decor for the party! And Baby Jay loved the Pumpkin Head Princess too!

When she woke up from her nap, the room was alight with the tree and draped with pink crepe paper. She ooooo-ed and ahhhh-ed!

Oh my did Baby Jay enjoy her birthday cupcakes!!! Again, her Daddy freaked out that Nana would dare to super spread the frosting. Hey, a girl only gets ONE first birthday!!!

There were plenty of gifts... pink ones too, but Blogger won't load them. Maybe another day!
LJ brought her Guitar Hero World Tour and Birthday Girl is our future drummer.

H is our singer. She hogged that mike! It wasn't plugged in but don't tell her that. And she kept singin', "Nana brushes my hair! Nana brushes my hair!" ?????? Don't ask me where that came from!

The Star!

Nana and the girlees:

We were all in brown! I had bought the girls' outfits the nite before and actually wore a leopard sweater so all us girls were coordinated!

We went to the Upper Crust for brunch. It's tucked into a teensy strip mall and we weren't sure what we would find. Unfortuneatley, I forgot to take photos inside. And couldn't upload them if I had! (hrrumph)

Isn't this just the cutest sign?

This sign says, "Life is fast... Bread is slow." Just tickled me!

One photo I did take inside. This little chickee LOVES food:

After brunch we went to a flea market down the interstate.