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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City

"They've gone about as fer as they can go!"
Sorry, I couldn't help myself. My family rolls their eyes because I tend to break out in song when a phrase matches a song lyric.

We're back from moving LJ into her apt in Kansas City. Whoa is it harder for this body to "move things" than it was back in MY twenties. I towed the trailer and LJ drove her brother's van. He and his wife just bought it and had a little work done down here so we kinda delivered it to them. Their little fam met us in KC Monday and helped unload. The next day we drove some "transferred furniture" to their house in Columbia. And then we drove back to KC and spent Wednesday waiting for the water and gas companies
to come out and do their thing.
No such luck.

What is it with utility and repair service companies thinking you have all the time in the world to just sit ALLLL day without the courtesy of a phone call.?Actually, Monday the water guy came but since the doorbell didn't work (we were out back unloading) he just left a note saying, "How 'bout if you be here when I show up." Okay, it didn't say that exactly, but it mighta said about the same thing. LJ made an appt for 8-noon on Wednesday and we gave up about 1pm and left for home. She got a call on her cell phone around 3pm. Too late, we'll just have to go back up again Monday. Brother.
Anyhow, we went to Cargo Largo. Man oh man did we score some goodies. Some cute washclothes for the guest bath for 40 cents each! Matching hand towels for $2. Some curtain samples that LJ will hang in strips on the windows for about 35 cents each. Levelor brand curtain rods (plain ones) for $1 each. Lots of fun. And they brought out several big bin type boxes. There was a "regular" there that about dove into it to get to all the goodies before anyone else! She came up with high threadcount sheets, soft soft body towels and a lack of a sense of humor! She was cranky!!! And then we came home.

As an aside, do you have a REDBOX dvd vending machine in your neighborhood yet? They are at WalMart and Sam's and some grocery stores and random places. They are very convenient and only $1 per night for a movie. There is a free Monday code that can be texted to your phone. But right now, some Mickey D's are putting REDBOXes in their stores and their large drinks have FREE REDBOX codes on the side that are good until the end of the year--but only at McDonald's. So if you get a Sweet Tea or other large drink at McDonald's, be sure to save the coupon code. Even if you don't have a REDBOX yet, they are taking over so be ready! Between the Monday codes and the free McDonald's codes, we haven't paid for a movie from REDBOX yet. I'll bet we will eventually.

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crazydaisy said...

We JUST got a redbox at Price Chopper! However, the machine is still empty with the racks yet to be installed INside the machine!! Some day... Well after I have come to visit you!!!