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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What do you do on the Fourth of July?

our flag

The July edition of Womans Day Magazine published the results of a little poll asking what readers do for the Fourth of July.  

Have a barbecue?

Watch fireworks?

Go to a parade?

We usually do all 3!  In fact, this year, we'll be walking in the local parade alongside our church float, handing out flags to the parade goers!!!

Or nothin' special:
Tiffany's toesies!!!

How would you answer?  Or what else do you do? 
Please leave a comment. 

Here are the magazine's results:
How do you spend the Fourth of July:
Having a barbecue.................13%
Watching fireworks...............12%
Going to a parade....................1%
All of the above......................58%
I don't do anything special...15%

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Twelve Thousand Days!!!

I have a widget on my desktop.  
I love this photo of Country Club Plaza, KC, at Christmastime

It's called Saint-Valentin from Yahoo widgets. 

I chose to show how many days
Sweet Hubby and I have been married. 

And today,
it's TWELVE THOUSAND days!!! 

I don't know, I think it sound pretty impressive!!! 
This August will be our 33rd wedding anniversary and recently the only thing my hubby said he would change is 

he would have married me sooner. 
Isn't that sweet? 

Here's to another Twelve Thousand days! 

I love you honey!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day!
In response to my Mother's Day post
is equal time for the men on Dad's Day:

Friday, June 18, 2010

I ♥ Eyelet

When I was putting away laundry this morning, 
I noticed a pattern in my wardrobe: 

It appears I EYELET!

Eyelet:  a lightweight fabric pierced by small holes finished with stitching and often laid out in flowerlike designs  (

Even in PINK:

I even buy eyelet tops for my daughter (she loves daisies) 

I bought eyelet dresses for all 3 grandgirlees for Easter.
 But alas, since none were here, I have no photos.
(edit:  I found one)

And what am I wearing as I put away my above-mentioned laundry?


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Historic Paddock Arcade of Watertown

When my mom & I went to Paris post 9/11 
(a fantastic travel deal that couldn't be passed up), 
we wandered just for fun.  
I remember entering some indoor streets, 
kinda like shopping malls, but not.  
Very old.  
Full of design and visual delight.

Imagine my interest when I read G's (Aunt Snow) post about Parisian Passages or Arcades
So that's what those were!

Aunt Snow did a follow up post about American Arcades.

Skip to this week:
I am visiting my daughter in Watertown, NY.  
She and her little family will only live here less than 3 2 more weeks.  
Her hubby is going active US Air Force 
and they are moving to Alaska.  
Back to my visit, we are trying to fit in some of the activities that we haven't had a chance for in the week and a half I'm here.
  We were hungry for lunch and she said there was a cafĂ© in this little shopping mall off the Square.

  It was just a cute little old fashioned space.  
Guess what it is called?  
 (If you read the title of the post, then maybe you've guessed.)  

It's the historic Paddock Arcade.

Take a walk through with us
and imagine how it was 160 years ago.  
 Apparently the Paddock Arcade 
(named after local developer Loveland Paddock) 
was only the second Shopping Arcade built in the United States.  
The first was in Providence, Rhode Island, 1819.

Tif said she and her friend used to sit at the internet coffee house and do their Bible Study together.
 Upstairs are offices:
 Apparently, there was a third level that was covered over maybe in the 1920's?  
But the drop glass ceiling still allows plenty of light.

 And it has been in continual use since its opening in 1850, 
from Watertown website

giving it the distinction as the longest operating shopping mall in the United States!

 Love, l♥ve, LOVE the stores' hanging signs (shingles?):

 The name "arcade" is an architectural term derived from the word arch.  
Once I read that, I said, 
"Duh!"  ha ha 
Meaning I didn't figure it out on my own.

I love the little mail slots.
Oh, they just don't make them like they used to, eh? 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fudgy Fudge Brownies

Went to Tif and Dave's friends' last night. 
After pizza Annie made Fudgy Fudge Brownies.  
She just whipped them up and yum!  

Annie made two batches, and it's a good thing she did, 
the first batch went fast!
Click on the name of the recipe up top 
or go to and search for Fudgy Fudge Brownies.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Randomness

More fun in the last coupla days!

Found these cute tees for the little girlees:
"Sorry, Daddy says NO dating"
"Pretty like my Mommy"

Comparing arm color between Christy & me:

Bought Sweet Hubby a tee shirt at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Tackle Shop:
Trying to keep Jay from stealing it!

And whenever Sweet Hubby goes fishing
around the lake, Momma Kitty follows...

and usually pesters him, 
sometimes even batting at the fish until he gives one up!
Have an awesome weekend!!!