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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So Long Summer!!!!

I guess I missed a few days blogging. Been busy with personal business type errands and appointments that are hard to get once school is underway. Even a quick trip down to Arkie
to see my friends' new house. Beautiful! And room for her horsie too.
LJ and I leave in the early morning for NY state for Grandgirlee #1 N's 5th birthday. We get back late Sunday night then I start back to school Monday. MAN.. .where did the summer go?

Hmmmmm... I have been allover the place... all without leaving the country this year.

Well, let's see:

West Virginia, son in law's grad from med school

then helped them move to Upstate New York

Weeklong conference in Tucson
Almost everybody was here for for the Fourth... here with Grandma K.

Met Sissy and saw Phantom in Vegas

LJ griped that she'd never "touristed" when we lived in So Cali,
so we went to see foster sister who works here.
Next day Sissy and Hiya took us to Hollywood
to Grauman's Chinese Theatre,
Walk of Fame, Hollywood & Vine and
Pink's Famous Hot Dogs!
I guess it was no big deal to me b/c these are the places we
"cruised" or took visiting relatives when I was in HS and college.
So now, WE were the visiting relatives... ber-other!!!

Well I'll say adieu for now as I must pack.
Probably when I post next I will be in the throes of
educator muddles and befuddles.

Blessing until then!!!