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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5% Bah!


I went to our local grocery store yesterday after school. One of my students checked me out and she gave me the 5% Senior Citizens' Discount. I protested, I may be close but I don't qualify as yet and I told her so. She insisted that they give the discount on Tuesdays to anyone who looks over 30 . Still, I was miffed. I stewed over this all night and came up with the answer. So...

She gets 5% off of all her assignments. That'll teach 'er to mess with 'er teacher!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quick Turnaround

We rushed up to KC Friday after work to help with some details in LJ's apt. We got up first thing Saturday morning and loaded up at Home Depot (after coffee) then Sweet Hubby hit the Daddy-Do List. Quite an accomplishment for one day:
  1. Make a custom screen for the kitchen window
  2. Install new miniblinds (the old ones were ugly smoke stained)
  3. Fix the guts in both toilets
    Put in an upper shelf in the entry closet.
  4. Put another shelf in the bedroom closet.
    There was enough shelving leftover to make a shoe shelf in the entry closet. (Less than 3" of board feet left when he was done, how's that for efficiency?)
  5. Install a programmable theromostat.
  6. Install a ceiling fan in the bedroom.
  7. Pull weeds (neither of us would touch the bagworms residing in them) so LJ could plant a hydrangea and 4 mums in the front planter.

All in ONE DAY! And we still had time to hit Cargo Largo and go out to dinner at Fuddrucker's before hitting the highway for the almost 3 hr drive home. Not too shabby! My man is quite a guy.

Have toolbag will travel.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Buttercup Brings Us Pink Saturday

I return for another PINK SATURDAY compliments of Beverly and Buttercup!
Buttercup is grandgirlee N's new fairy that is living in her bedroom. I posted a few photos a coupla weeks ago when Buttercup showed up. Or rather, her door showed up, and her window... in N's room. We've not seen Buttercup herself, but she has left a few notes for N!

The fairy's whole name is Buttercup Rose Lacewings! Sounds official to me!
Check out that PINK door!!

Cute door knocker ornament thingamajig.

She is a VERY neat fairy and even suggested that N keep her room clean!

I didn't know that fairies left swirls in the fairy dust!

Check out that doorknob! Is it a real diamond? That must be one rich fairy!
Even a pixie patio set!

N insists that the curtains in Buttercup's window are...

...JUST like hers. I don't see the resemblance, do you? They do have the pink flowers on them.

There's no reason for this photo except that I found the applique and decided to make the pillow for N's bed to match the curtains.

That's it for today. Off to KC to help LJ at her place.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Something smells kinda fishy

Y'know, I don't like to fish, never have. I think it's my dad's prejudices making excuses. My grandfather was a lobster/cod fisherman, homeport was Salem Bay (Massachusetts)


Oh don't get me wrong, my dad LOVED the sea and always owned a boat and could handle a skiff alone by the time he was 3 years old. Yes, I've seen the old home movies as proof! But during the depression what do you think my Pop Pop brought home for dinner when there was no money? Yup, fish. Even lobster was disdained by my dad because it meant no money to buy food. In his adult life business associates would take my dad out to dinner and "surprise"- LOBSTER!! He'd smile and gulp some down, being a gracious guest. "You didn't finish your lobster!" "Oh, I think I filled up too much on the salad and bread. I couldn't possibly eat another bite." (My dad would roll his eyes and feign disgust in the telling of the story.) Still makes me laugh. And he didn't like to fish.

My mom, on the other hand, LOVED to fish. She would tell stories of she and her gal pals getting a ride in one of the girls' mom's taxi (yes, the mom was a driver) and going down to Boston Harbor fishing on the boats for the day. Almost always one of them won the jackpot, so the taxi mom would pick them up at the docks and drive them home to clean up. Between fares, she pick 'em all up again and whoever won the jackpot would treat them to whichever top Boston restaurant was of their choosing. They were pretty hot stuff, teens walking into those hoity toity dining establishments and paying for themselves. My mom still fished as an adult, she was a member of the Lady Anglers and was even Lady Angler of the Year in the mid 1990's. Just up until a few years ago she went out fishing weekly and even an 11 day trip every year or so. Yes, ELEVEN days on the ocean, my little 5'3" momma. Even when she couldn't fish anymore she was still a member of the Lady Anglers!

Remember me? who hates to fish? I made the AMAZINGLY brilliant life decision to marry a man who loves LOVES to fish, so even though I don't fish, my Sweet Husband would go out on charter trips sometimes with my mom. Oh how they were both blissful on those trips. And when they weren't fishing together, they could sure talk about fishing. She used to look through her telescope in San Clemente and call Sweet Hubby just to taunt him with which boat she could see and what it looked like they were catchin'. He was working y'know.

I do like to EAT some fish.

Okay,the whole point of my story so far is that I am the one who hates to fish. So why oh why is MY PERSONAL BLOG being taken up with photos of FISHIES? Maybe because I love the men who are featured? Yep, that's it.

So today, I include a photo (sigh) of the BIG CATFISH my Sweet Hubby took on his phone because I was in New York with my camera when he caught it. I love that man! (he forgot to include himself in the photo)

Here ya go!
Supposedly a 5lb catfish which is supposedly gigantor for our little lake:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fish Wars Update

Sonners BoHunk, aka Jay, feels left out of the fish wars. So his Sweet Wife sent along a photo of his big un' up in Columbia, MO last Fall. Whadya think?

Look who's moved in.

Eldest grandgirlee N woke up this a.m. and found this in her bedroom!!! She is very excited. She fully understands the responsibilites of having a fairy living in her home and plans to be very careful and hospitible.

She collected all the fairy dust because her new friend must have worked all nite. and left it allover the place. See the cute designs?

Tomorrow is her SIXTH birthday! Oh my is she getting old. Today she is having a Fairies and Pirates birthday party at the park up the street. It's nice to be 6.

If I would have known, I would have entered the fairy's door in Beverly's PINK SATURDAY!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dueling Fishies

After I sent around to friends and family the photo of Sweet Hubby that I blogged last post, I recieved an email from my oldest dear friend. She's not old, 2 mos older than me, but she grew up next door to my grandparents in Boston and we have been friends for yyyeeeaaarrrrrssss even tho' we grew up 3000 miles apart and still live half a continent away. She figured out how to email a photo finally, and sent along this pic of HER sweet hubby PB and HIS big bass he caught on their "pond" up at their cottage in Maine!!

You do know that a "pond" in the vocab of those downeasterners is actually a humongo lake, right? Our lake is only 14 or so acres. Doc and I (I'm sittin here in NY state visiting my eldest and her fam) decided that my Sweet Hubby's fish is still bigger. That's because Sweet Hubby dwarfs his fish (he's 6'6")and you can't tell that it's really about 5 feet long! And PB is practically a gnome by comparison and his must only be about 5 inches long. That's our fish story and we're stickin' to it!