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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Historic National Road

This Summer as we traveled across country, we tried to hit a few out of the way, once in a lifetime spots along the way.  One of these was the Historic National Road. I read about it in the Atlas I had along.  Sure we were following Garmin's lead, but I still prefer maps and just as we were in Pennsyvania, I found that we were really close to a section of the Historic National Road known as "The Old Brick Road".  Way cool!!! 

The National Road was begun as the very first government funded highway system.  It started in Cumberland, Maryland and was planned to continue all the way to Jefferson City, Missouri.  Unfortunately, the funding ran out in Vandalia, Illinois.  But there are still sections that are marked and celebrated and we found one!


So off the Interstate we headed in search of this one mile section of bricked pavement.

The first section didn't have any buildings or homes.  

Then as we continued on the scenery opened up to the spectacular mountainous views and also homes old and new.

When the brick looped back around to the state hwy, we pulled a U-ey and did it again the other way.  It was fun and something to remember. If you have the opportunity to drive across this piece of history, go for it! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Favorite things: I love technology!

My kids are all moved away right now.
Two are in graduate or professional school. 
The other's husband is a Medical Resident. 
I love being able to text and email and send/receive photos in both.
The 2 youngest grandgirlees are about 250 miles away.

Hi Girlees!!!

Edit: How come no one commented on the major grammatical error in the first sentence? 
Gee Thanks!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 100th Birthday Santa Monica Pier!

 Last weekend we went to Bass Pro in Springfield. 
Sweet Hubby thought there would be a big blowout event for the Holiday weekend, 
but no. Nothing really very special.  
But while there I wandered down to a newly remodeled area, the fishing and boating area. 
It looks really nice, but there was something oddly familiar when I saw the sign hanging above the 
GPS counter. 
This sign:
 And why was it familiar?
 Well it looks like a knock-off 
The Santa Monica Pier sign!
The fabled end of Route 66 and in my hometown of Santa Monica.  
My parents moved to Santa Monica before I was born. 
I grew up there and went to Samohi.
The Santa Monica Pier is very familiar to me.
Isn't it pretty at night?

So pretty:
It's still a wooden pier.  
You can drive your car part way down and park on the pier.  
The wooden planks make a clackity slap sound as you go.

Did you know it's illegal to jump off the pier?
It is and I did once.
Right there off that lower platform:
But I didn't get in trouble, quite the contrary.
See that part that juts out on the left?
My dad used to launch his boat off the Santa Monica Pier.
He would tow the boat with his big ol' yellow Buick down to the end, 
and then the operator would lift the boat up and over the side with a big boom launch 
and down down down to the water below.
Uh, that's not there anymore.  
But I remember!
I saw on the news this week that the Santa Monica Pier is 100 years old this week!
As she looked back in 1909 on opening day:
The Hippodrome wasn't on the Pier yet:
That wasn't until 1916:

Do you recognize the carousel from the movie, "The Sting"?

 And this is the Municipal Pool at Santa Monica City College 
(they've since dropped the City part).
I took swim lessons here when I was 5. 
I remember screaming bloody murder. 
I probably thought that everyone was trying to drown me.
I spent many summer afternoons swimming there. 
Many summer afternoons!!!
I was a member of the Mermaids, a type of swim club for girls. 
Which is how I got to jump off the Pier!  
In one of the swimming/lifesaving classes I took as a Mermaid.
I think the name Mermaids for the club was taken from the Santa Monica City Seal:
I remember other extra privileges that came along with being a member of Mermaids. 
We had unlimited passes to swim at either of the city pools whenever they were open to the public.
We got to go down below the pool deck and watch both pools through the underwater windows.
  I learned life saving and different strokes. 
One year I took diving lessons in this pool and even dove off the High Dive... once. 
I didn't do heights very well back then either.
Hey!!! That's not the pool I swam in... 
 THIS is:

The old facility, considered "hidden" on the Santa Monica College Campus, consisted of an outdated pool and diving well.  It was demolished in December 2000. "The old facility which had been there for 40 years was a much-loved and used facility that had completed its life." Santa Monica Mirror   

I digress.  
Any how, Happy 100th Birthday Santa Monica Pier!  
We've had some good times!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day in the Second Grade

Today is Nicolee's first day in the second grade.  
Oh my how she is growing up right before our eyes!

Love you Nicolee!  
Love you Tiffany!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

President's Speech to Students

I usually don't use this space to espouse any political views. 
I would rather that this be a safe place to play.  
But I'm a little concerned by the current uproar created by good people afraid of the country turning Socialist if school students watch the President's speech tomorrow.
The White House has released 
the transcript of the intended speech 
and I've read through it.
I usually take issue with what he has to say (there ya have it).

But I want to applaud our President's determination 
to encourage kids to do their best so they can 
be their best, 
be their family's best, 
be their community's best, 
be America's best, 
be the World's best!
Read it for yourself. Watch it for yourself.  
The ONLY part of the speech I take issue with 
is that he says he has talked about 
parents' responsibility 
in the educational process.
 I am not aware of any past remarks in that regard, 
but then I usually don't stop all I am doing when he talks.  
So maybe he has already addressed the parents' part, 
but therein is where I believe the problem lies in 
American education. Parents.
Just my opinion, 
one mother, 
one Nana, 
one teacher, 
one American.
Check out the wordle I made of the words in his speech.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Free Ride

So yesterday we were at a convenience store picking up pizzas.

(In Podunk, you get your pizzas anywhere you can, no Pizza Hut to deliver.)
Christy and I walked around and around the little store again and again, perusing the snacks, grabbing chips, waiting for the pizzas.

Christy stopped short and stared at a sign and said, "I wanna do that!" And then started laughing.
She initially read the first line thinking it was a contest and thought this would be fun.

Christy's Daddy is a fire chief and Christy is very civic minded.
She's grown up her whole life with public servants and didn't think twice, but...

Um, not exactly a contest.
Hope you laugh too!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Aren't these two bathing beauties adorable?

Baby J will be 2 in just over 2 months. And Lady H will be 4 a month after that.

What's really amazing is the hair on Lady H!

She gets lots of comments and is always ready to respond.
She corrects anyone who calls it red.
The curls along with the color are striking.

Blame my dad.
She comes by it naturally, y'know.

So, when Jay sent this photo of Lady H's hair in the tub last night... I ... just ... um... WOW!

Well, look:
(It's actually a little longer,
but Nana cut this off before any "cleavage"
... what you see is all hair.)