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Friday, June 27, 2008

Please pray ...babies!

An urgent plea from my friend Stephanie in Arkansas. She is an RN and is one of my BFF from when we lived in El Cajon. Please pray for Sarah and Ryan's babies. Sarah is a tiny thing and the little baby girls are too little. One has part of her intestines on the outside. Here is a note from Stephanie, Ryan's Mom.

"Not a good report from the High Risk Specialist appt for Ryan and Sarah. One baby is 4 lbs 8 ozs but the other one is 3 lbs and 2 ozs! Not good. The little one is the one with the gastroscesis. They said she is not getting enough nutrients, the umbilical cord is getting compressed from being squished. She has to go back on Wed (I am going with them) and if it isn't any better they are taking the babies immediately. She is 34 weeks right now. Wed she will be 35 weeks but the babies are still too little, especially Sarina (Sp?) She will have two strikes against her, her small size and the problem with the abdomen. And Sarah just won't lie down and stay there. She's still up and about, and so swollen. I went to see them last night and I was shocked how swollen she is. Totally different from the last time I saw her. Her feet are really swollen, but her face, shoulders, arms, every part of her is swollen. It's really making me nervous. I think I know too much about what could happen. Please pray for her to realize how serious this is and that the babies would not be born yet. Thanks!!! "

Please take a moment to lift these babies and their family up in prayer to Our Heavenly Father and keep them on your mind and continue to pray.
Thank you


Cookie said...

Dear Shay,
I'm praying, and I'm passing this on.

PAT said...

I'm sorry to hear this Shay. I'm praying for these precious tiny babies and for their mother.


Mam said...

Reporting from Cookie's prayer network. We saw an awesome miracle for her mother and are praying for the same here.

Anonymous said...

I just heard from Cookie. My heart goes out as well as my prayers. I'll pray that mama and sweet little ones will all be healthy!