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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Meals

Did you know that the Happy Meal is 30 years old?

In celebration of 30 years of Happy Meals, McDonald's is back to including mini-Beanie Babies in the Happy Meals. And it's not one type per week, there are multiple designs available each week. But did you know that there is another special treat with these Anniversary Happy Meals?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

MMMMMMmmmmmm Enchiladas and Chile Relleno

Sweet Hubby had to work late tonight so I picked up dinner for him at McAllister's Deli and dropped it off. He ended up getting off around 5 and he brought home his dinner and ate it.
I didn't have anything to eat for dinner.,. poor me.

I had picked the first Anaheim chile from my garden.

So I made a small batch of 8 cheese enchiladas and one chile relleno. Mmmmmmmm!!

The batch of enchiladas is considered small
because I usually make 25-30 at a time.

I didn't eat them ALL Okay?... just 3!

Shay's Enchiladas

Yield: 20-30

1 lb block Colby Jack cheese (aka marble)

1-2 cups shredded Cheddar or Colby jack

Thin, white corn tortillas (do not chill, they will crack)

GREEN* enchilada sauce, 4 15 oz cans (only open as needed)


  • Start by cutting the block of cheese in half
  • Cut each of the halves in half so each is only half an inch or so thick
  • Then cut into as many “fingers” as you need

  • Meanwhile, heat small amount of oil in a skillet.
  • Pour a few tablespoons of enchilada sauce into bottom of a 13”X9” backing dish.
  • Pour ½-1” of enchilada sauce into a pie plate or other flat dish
  • Using tongs, place tortilla into oil, just enough to heat, do NOT allow to get at all crisp. Turn over and remove.
  • Immediately drag thru the enchilada sauce that is in the pie plate and then place into 13”X9” pan
  • Lay a piece of cheese near the edge of the tortilla and roll up (careful, can be very hot)
  • Wedge rolled enchilada along one edge of baking dish
  • Repeat until you’ve used up all your cheese fingers, smooshing

Enchiladas against each other… 24 WILL fit in the pan,

consider that the cheese has a flat side, so turn so it fits the best

· Sprinkle 1+ cup of shredded cheese over all


or continue

· Pour enchilada sauce over all (don’t drown, just enough to make moist)

· Bake @ 350°F until bubbly (15 min if room temp, 30-40 if chilled)

· Serve with salsa, sour cream, olives, etc

*I think red enchilada sauce takes like a tin can. I like the flavor of green.

You may add meat to the enchiladas as well, my fave is cheese.

Edit 7-25: Tif says this is HER recipe. Technically, it is, sorta. Back before she was married, a Mexican housekeeper at her in-laws' taught her how to make enchiladas. I have modified the recipe over the years (chunk cheese instead of grated and green enchilada sauce) and like mine better ;-)

Chile Relleno

Fresh Anaheim Chile(s)

Monterey Jack Cheese

Egg(s), seperated



  • Carefully slice the chile along one "fold". Remove all seeds (I use a grapefruit spoon).
  • Broil chile until skin turns brown and bubbles, turn over and repeat with other side, remove from broiler and allow to cool.
  • When chile is cool, pull off the skins.
  • Slice a "finger" of cheese and place inside chile.
  • Beat egg white until fluffy
  • Add about a teaspoon of flour per egg to yolks and whisk.
  • Gently fold yolk/flour into whites
  • Meanwhile, heat oil in skillet
  • Dip one side of chile in egg mixture and place in pan
  • Gently cover with remainder of egg mixture
  • When first side is golden brown turn over and repeat with second side
  • Serve with salsa and sour cream

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Make Way for Ducklings!

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 414

My parents were both from the Boston area. My mom from Somerville and my dad from Cambridge and Marblehead, but his side of the family goes back in the Salem area for almost 400 years.I spent several summers back east as a kid.

My Nana McGreal always took me shopping at Filene’s, Nana Hayden took me shopping in Salem and to Salem Harbor and my Uncle Connie always gave me the teacher whirlwind tour of all of Boston’s historical spots.

One of my favorite traditions was to ride the Swan Boats in the Public Garden. When I took my own children to Boston, I continued that tradition, taking them on the Swan Boats.


Visiting the Make Way for Ducklings statues is also a tradition When we went in 1989, I bought a nice sized copy of Make Way for Ducklings and placed a photo of LJ inside the front cover. This was just 2 years after the statues were installed.

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 998

I repeated this in 1999 adding an underwhelmed Jay.

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 1002

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 1004

So this summer when the whole family descended upon Aunt Elena and Uncle Connie, we road the Swan Boats and returned to the statues to take a photo of everyone!

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 413

Have you read Make Way for Ducklings lately? 200px-MakeWayforDucklingsBookCover Have you read it to your kids? Have you ever read it? Take a quiet moment and enjoy the 1941 Classic and Caldecott Winner! And when you are in Boston, visit the Public Garden for a ride on the Swan Boats and to visit the Make Way for Ducklings statues. You’ll be glad you did.


Blessings, Shay

Did you know that some of the ducklings have been stolen over the years?

All photos not mine are from Wikipedia.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

mayonnaise or miracle whip

This is a question we don’t ask at our house. It’s a forgone conclusion, not up for discussion, that real mayonnaise is the only real deal.

And the other question that doesn’t get asked is brand.

It’s absotively Hellmann’s… or Best Foods west of the Rocky MountainsHellmanns BestFoods

So imagine my SHOCK at my daughter’s house in NY, I found NO REAL MAYO in her fridge! I did confront her about this. Not only did-I-have-to-use-the-sugared-up-SALAD-DRESSING Miracle Whip (that’s what it says on the label y’know) but I was more horror-struck by the fact that my eldest, sweet, can n’er do wrong daughter has crossed over to the DARK SIDE to Miracle Whip. And what is she teaching my perfect granddaughter? Oh my. I cannot get over it.

When we moved to MO, we began making Sweet Hubby’s lunch for work every evening while cleaning up dinner. I attempted to lighten the calorie/fat in the name of healthy changes and used Lite Hellman’s. Three years later 3 YEARS I say! he asked one day,Do you think you could use regular mayo in my sandwiches? I don’t really like the funny tasting light stuff.” Isn’t he sweet? He didn’t want to hurt our feelings because we were making his lunch for him! Ahhhh.

So which do you prefer? REAL mayo or Miracle Slop, I mean Miracle Whip? I am not biased at all. HA!

Please take the poll on the right-->.

Blessings, Shay


Sunday morning while we were
at my aunt and uncle’s at the Cape

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 590

we all walked down
to the playground at the clubhouse

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 589 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 588

so the little girlees could get some wiggles out JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 592

and PLAY!!!

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 593JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 594JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 599 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 598JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 595 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 597 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 596

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 600JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 617

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 616

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 602 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 605 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 610 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 618 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 620 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 621 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 622 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 608

Note that it wasn’t just thee little girlees that were having fun!

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 630JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 626JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 603JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 623

Let’s sit on Aunt LJ’s hair, whadya say?

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 628

Looking pretty innocent and sedate, right?

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 604

iPhone light sabre wars became serious stuff!

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 611 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 612 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 613 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 614

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 615

The playground was only a few short blocks away and notice that the pool and tennis courts are on the water!

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 607 JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 619

We’ll have more of our trip later.

JuneJuly2009 empty the camera 591This is my first attempt to use Windows Live Writer as recommended by Rhoda and Pat.

Ummm, so far it doesn’t like me, but I WILL prevail!

Blessings, Shay