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Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Summer Concerts

Do you enjoy the Friday Morning Summer Concert Series on the network morning shows? I used to just watch whatever was on Good Morning America but this summer I've decided to channel surf to see who has what.

Last week was Kenny Chesney on Today. One of these days I'll post on "country music". I'm the only one in my family who likes it. Okay, maybe my sweet daughter-in-law

This morning I clicked over to the Morning Show on CBS and found CHICAGO!!! Oh whatta treat! the background music for my youth! Isn't it interesting that that my kids like that music? Son Jay told me just Wednesday that his little fam was rockin' out to Chicago as they drove home from KC to Columbia... with a 7mo and 2½yo strapped in their carseats! All ages I tell you! This a.m. I caught "Saturday in the Park" and "Make Me Smile", "25 or 6 to 4". Fun, fun, fun. Oh, that's a Beach Boys song! Are they playing this summer?

Have a great Friday!!!

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