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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let It Snow!!!!

I love snow!! I had only experienced bits of it before I moved to the MidWest. Today we are getting our share. School was cancelled at the last minute and here I sit, being a hermit inside. Hot tea and a hot sandwich and I'm content. There was already about a 1/2" on the ground when Hubby went slip and slide up the driveway this a.m. to get out while I watched in toasty comfort. He called just a bit ago as the topic in the lunch room was how mch snow is there now. Where they are, the snow is just now beginning to stick. There's about 2-3" here with the bulk of the snow to come this afternoon. So for now, I am going to enjoy the beauty. Please join me:

He looks cold doesn't he?

(Shhh. Don't tell LJ I accidently caught her either playing with Bella

or spreading the snow melt on the walkway.)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

God Loves a Dreamer

We've started a new study in our Wednesday evening Bible Study.

Here's the book.

It's a study of the Apostle Paul's last journey.
And we are being taught personally by the author!

Stay tuned!

Fishin' N Tea

It's been cold here and the lake is frozen over for the first time since we've lived here. Today it was mid 60's and the lake began to thaw, so Sweet Hubby couldn't resist... he set his pole in the holder and hoped. Can ya see it? Can you see where the water is still frozen?

I've shared before that I teach International Foods. My goal is to open the world to my high school students, give them a hint of different cultures through learning about the customs and cultures of various countries. Our first visit was to England. A simple British Tea, sort of. I can't get too authentic on my minimal budget.

Each group researches, writes a paper, prepares a PowerPoint and presents an oral report. AND "something extra". They have to decide what it will be. The Great Britain Group brought in Shepherd's Pie, although that is more Irish. They were pretty proud, one of the boys' mother made it and brought it in HOT. And it was GOOD! Thanks guys! Here they are serving:

I am always amazed how subdued the students become when they are out of their comfort zone. With the table linens and tea pots and "weird-to-them" sandwiches, and what are scones all about?... they get an idea that McDonald's isn't the end all. (Actually, they think Red Lobster and Olive Garden are fancy restaurants!) I had reminded them of my expectations of manners, and they complied for the most part, they had polite quiet conversations and waited on each other. And they were surprised and pleased with cucumber sandwiches and scones. Being south of the Mason-Dixon line, many had never in their lives had hot tea and were determined they weren't going to like it. They liked it.

I realized that the table settings aren't perfect. I don't have enough creamers so had to make due with measuring cups. I need to make a list for yard sales and flea markets....

Next up: France.

Monday, January 21, 2008

What's Your Dream?

Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday
In looking back at the years before Martin Luther King's death, so much has changed. (I remember that day as well as the day JFK was killed and I was watching tv as Bobby Kennedy was shot) I grew up in the L.A. beach area and never really understood prejudice. I guess I grew up colorblind. I knew it was there but never understood why. I had black friends. Japanese friends, Mexican friends and I'm sure more nationalities but they were just kids. The stories of "white only" or "colored only" restrooms, drinking fountains and even schools was totally beyond my ken. I must admit that at times I have thought there was too much falderal about Dr King and having his own day, a day off of school. He wasn't a president, he wasn't a public official who held an important office. I wasn't even thinking much about him at all until my kindergartner granddaughter told me she is thinking about what HER dream is. She's 5 and I suggested that coming to my house was her dream. Nooooooo, that wasn't at ALL what SHE was thinking about. Something much more important. So I have been thinking about that all weekend... what is MY dream?
I guess I have several dreams.
  • That all would know Jesus as Savior and I wouldn't have to worry about eternity for my loved ones.

  • That the students of America (especially those in my school) would wake up and realize that public education is free for the taking! Take advantage of it. I was watching the Garth Brooks video today "We Shall Be Free" and there is a statement made in pieces by several celebrities: "The key to success is education, education, education." Oh, if only our kids would "get it".Our nation depends upon it.

  • To lose 40 lbs. I'm dreaming here!

  • That my mom would get better and I could have some quality time with her. That has never been so.
Well, that's enough for now. I'm sure I could come up with more if I didn't think about it.
What's Your Dream?
I did have a nice quiet day home from school. I got lots of paperwork done and Mom was released from the hospital and is back in the nursing home. Oh she is so frail and her mind so fractured. It's heartbreaking. But at least she is back in familiar surroundings. Thanks for all who sent along their gentle caring comments. Here's a picture of her from this July when all the kids were here except the Doc. I've posted this before but several months ago. Note that Baby J is still in the oven!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today was a rough day. Hope you don't mind...
Gr K (my mom) is better in some ways and worse in others. She has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving Day. I won't bore you with the details of the myriad of ailments she has had since then. She was much more alert and talkative today. BUUUUUTTTT, she is missing a big chunk of memory. She is having trouble finding some words and doesn't read correctly. I was talking to the nurse about my granddaughter in NY and Gr K said, "YOU have a granddaughter?" I said yes and that makes you a great grandmother. N is 5 and you actually have THREE greatgranddaughters. She started crying. Then she asked if "Mother" is still alive and I told her no and she asked about Father and I told her no and she asked who IS still alive. I said "ME". That did not make her happy. I told her brother and her cousin in Springfiled, Massachusetts (she apparently doesn't LIKE her cousin in Springfield, Massachusetts b/c she DID NOT want to hear about HER) So we spent the evening with her asking a question, me answering and then a minute or two later she asked again... like how did she get in the hosptial, what's wrong with her. Where are we, why the Midwest and not Laguna Beach? How are we paying for this (hospital)? What day is it. I told her January 17 and didn't say the year. She said 1907, and I said no, 2008, she asked how did it get to 2008? I asked her if she thinks she slept thru New Year's and she said probably. That's about the gyst of this evening's activities.

So... that's how I am. I go to school and teach. I drive up to the hospital everyday after work I spend a half hour to 2 or 3 hours depending upon when Gr K kicks me out or falls asleep or gets so cranky I need to leave. I come home and sit on the couch watching tv or surfing . I wish I had enough energy to do something productive. I DID buy paint for my bedroom... Laura Ashley Sand 4 (Valspar???) It was supposed to be a snow day today and I was READY!!! I was hoping! Sweet Hubby doesn't have to work Saturday... that is BIG news!

Please forgive me if you didn't want to read this. But, this blog is about me and about my family and that is what consumes a majority of my mindworks these days. Please pray for my mom... and me. My Sweet Hubby and youngest daughter have been troopers! They have been there to fill in, run errands, watch Gr K, be my support and strength through all of this. They are blessings to me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rock On!

Rock Around the Clock!!!

I made it! Last Friday night (and on into Saturday) some of my students did a Rock-A-Thon. IN my classroom. It is a FUN-draiser for our local American Cancer Society's Relay-for-Life. The students get pledges for donations for them to "rock" all night. 8am til 8am!!! They bring their own rocking chairs and have to rock in their chairs ALL night long! Some do homework, read books, we play lots of games:

work on projects

and watched all 3 Pirates movies and several others. We made pizza from scratch at midnite!

About 3am it was hard to keep some of them awake...

I am getting too old for this. But it was fun. I slept most of Saturday away because I HAD to stay awake alllllll night and until their rides come if they don't have their own cars! Can you imagine what they'd do to the old lady if she fell asleep??? Oh yikes, just the thought.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just can't help myself!

More photos from the grandgirlee visit this past weekend. Can you stand s'more?

Goodies in a box from Hiya and my Sissy Tam and Nef:

Oh the giggles and squeals ~ ~ from H AND Elmo!

H was chasing them allover the house!

New friends all lined up!

(excuse the dog food, Hubby can't seem to find another home for it except for in the middle of the living room... how convenient!)

And for some reason, J didn't get to play with HER new toy very much.
Big Sissy H said, "I looking!"

But J did manage to get ahold of the stuffed "Bambi"
(just like my Sissy Tam's BIG doggie)

"Come here!"

"A little kiss for you!"

Oh this is so much fun!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SURPRISE and "my Pepsi's"!!!

Last Friday evening I was SOOOOOoooooo exhausted from the first week back at school after the Holidays. I know I know, 1 teacher day and a short 2 day week with students shouldn't be that taxing but I was totally worn out. So after putting on my PJ's, I sat on the couch to watch the tube with LJ. I could hardly keep my eyes open & was preparing to wander down the hall to bed when I could hear my daughter -in-law's ringtone on my cell way down the hall in my bathroom. I couldn't get there in time and sweet hubby brought it out (couldn't figure out how to answer it tho'). It started ringing again and when I answered, C said, "So are you just going to let your grandgirlees sit out here in the cold?" THEY WERE HERE... IN MY DRIVEWAY!! Ooo, I woke RIGHT up and ran out the front door to grab those girlees! So we spent a great weekend just hangin out and playing. (Hitting Target on Saturday with Christmas goodies 90% off was fun too!)

The girls are pretty techo-saavy. J is constantly telling H "no buttons!!" Look at those sneaky fingers. Looks like Baby J is eyeing the buttons too!

Baby J has discovered her reflection and is enthralled!
Yep, not quite 2 months old and already 13+ lbs!!!

H couldn't resist the soda bottles sitting on the floor (this is after Christmas).
She gathered them around her like a kindergartner playing school.
When we asked what she was doing she replied,
"My Pepsi's!"

Sunday afternoon a miracle happened...
BOTH girls were napping at the same time!
I encouraged J & C to go take a walk, it was almost 75 degrees that day!
So they went down to the dock.
J is seen here trying to convince Charlie to "fetch" the sticks he was
throwing into the water. Charlie looked at J as if to say, "After you!"

I was so happy to have the kids here for the weekend!
I asked N to come (from upstate NY) but she said she has to go to school. sigh

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Wow! It's 2008!

We had a few friends over for snackies and Boggle! We mostly visited. At midnight neighbors across the lake shot off some great fireworks, bursting glittery explosions in the sky. Hubby then responded with the annoying and noisy reports of those popping things in a pack of about 100. The crowd across the lake graciously applauded. I yelled "YOURS WERE BETTER" Now we know what to get for next year! Hee hee!
So to the reader or two of my bitty blog: Hug your sweeties and set forth upon the journey of the New Year...
Time for looking forward and planning new things.

As this New Year begins I pray for Blessings beyond measure
and JOY in your life!