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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ocean Zen and Sweet Hubby

LJ went home to KC, getting ready to fly to Cali today. Jay and Christy and the girls went to her parents' house. The girlees haven't seen Ama and Paw Paw in "forever"! So Sweet Hubby and I headed to Springfield. I promised to buy him a trolling motor for his birthday (Sunday) . After getting his motor at Bass Pro's annual tent sale, we headed to lunch.

Hmmm, where to go.
There was Hemingway's inside Bass Pro, but nahh, not this time.
Mexican Villa? HA!
Ziggie's Cafe?
We thought about Springfield Brewing Company,
as we were dropping off the bucket from the root beer keg,
but we hadn't been pleased with the food or service of our last visit. Good thing, because they were closed yesterday!
Incredible Pizza? As if.

So we hit the streets and wondered back and forth where to go.
After several suggestions, I piped up with Ocean Zen.
I explained how it was a local award winner and the Culinary/ProStart teachers had had a "meeting" there last July during Summer Conference.
Sweet Hubby was game.
So we drove on over.

It was delightful!
In the reception area is a floor to ceiling glassed-in wine locker.
Everything is modern and streamlined.
Lots of brushed stainless steel.

Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.
Mike was our waiter. Looked like most of the waitstaff was male.

The Menu is fun.
We had the Crispy Jumbo Saltwater Prawn Tempura appetizer.
It came in a martini glass with a wonderful salsa.
Mike was kind enough to request the avocado on the side
(I love avocados, but they don't love me)

I chose Asiago Dusted Crispy Panko Chicken with Garlic and Herb Grusted Shrimp, Garlic Mashed Ootatoes and Garlic Cream Sauce.
Sweet Hubby chose the Hibatchi Grilled Teryaki Glazed Atlantic Salmon with Jasmine Rice, Asian Vegetables and Sweet Soy Butter Sauce.

Well, he won hands down.
His was awesome, mine was good, but his was better.
On the very top of his was a crisped won ton, similar to the ones underneath in the appetizer photos above.
Sorry the photos don't match the food, but ya see...

... I guess I was out of it yesterday,
totally forgetting to take my own photos.

If you are a fan of Asian Fusion,
try Ocean Zen.
If you are tired of same old, same old,
try Ocean Zen.
If you like to try new things,
try Ocean Zen.
Even if you don't like seafood,
there are chicken and steak (even ribs) choices, so go for it!

Try Ocean Zen.

In trying to find photos for this post, I read several reviews of the restaurant and of Springfield.
Check out 417 Magazine.
Some call Springfield a city of restaurants.
I know that I found a lot of new names that I will try!
The one negative review I found of Ocean Zen was from a blogger that wanted chicken fried midwestern heavy fare.
Oh well, this is place not for everyone.
But the aforementioned recommendation by the state Culinary/ProStart Teachers can't be ignored!

Photos courtesy of 417 magazine, lucky dog blog, ozarksmetromix, flickr

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The Vintage Housewife... said...

Hell miss sassy thing you...first let me say i love the 417 magazine...uh huh my life dream is to move to the ozarks...well to be with my good friend aunt ruthie! i have visited 3 times...and those hills call out cat!

now oh my word those girls are adorable! each and every one! the food in this post looks to die for...but you know hubby loves bass pro shop food! finger licking good!

now your a gal after my own changs...ahhhhhhhh love it! thank you honey for swingin by my place...huggs cat