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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I miss you Paul!

It's been a year today that I lost my friend, Paul.

He and his wife, DeeAnne, have been so kind to me and welcomed me into their lives. This photo was taken May 1, 2008 at their home.

A year ago today was the tornado that went through our area and killed twelve people. I wrote about it here Paul and DeeAnne lived just up the road a mile or so. They built their beautiful home themselves and it was demolished. Paul was sitting upstairs watching TV and maybe didn't hear DeeAnne yelling for him to come down and get into the closet with her. DeeAnne says he never heard her because Paul was already in Heaven when she yelled. Paul's granddaughter lost 5 family members, her husband's aunt, uncle, cousin and grandmother... and Paul!
Their gorgeous home, and shop (behind us in this photo) where I made dozens of baskets are totally razed now, the land bought by another family and who is getting ready to build a new home and start new memories on that hill.
DeeAnne has bought another home and moved up to town, her daughter and granddaughters moved in with her. We have all pretty much moved on. The dead trees and almost barren landscape are still reminders of that horrible day a year ago. Oh yes, I know it's Mother's Day. I lost my mother since the last one.

But today I will remember my friend Paul. I miss you Paul!

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