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Thursday, May 21, 2009


The spelling of 3TH threw LJ.
Third Thursday is a monthly event during the Summer months to attempt to bring folks downtown.
We were intrigued, so LJ and I went up to see what it was all about.
I love how you find things you never see just driving by.
This old painted sign on the side of the building for a restaurant.
I wonder how many years ago?
And we started our Art Walk:
Signs pointed us to the galleries:

As we walked up Main Street, we saw this in front of the library:
and this:
As we continued to walk up Main Street we found a store front that looked familiar but we knew we had not been there before. A new "storefront" for Rapha House!!! If you don't know about Rapha House,click on the logo below. It is a refuge in Cambodia for girls who have been or are at risk for sale into slavery. Other locations are being built and considered. Bad stuff, but pray and support!The founder and his daughter go to our church and a group of 25 youth and adults are leaving in a week to minster:
Ah, finally. Our destination for dinner: El Rey Taco Shoppe. To go only!
I ordered chile relleno and a chicken taco w/ rice and beans.
LJ ordered the same but with an el pastor taco.
Oh, this is worth the walk and the best!
The chile rellenos are made with Anaheim chiles (my fave) and the chiles are roasted (instead of the bitter, stringy skin being left on).

We took our food and walked back down the street to sit on the wall around the fountain and listen to the band playing while making messes of ourselves with our food. Mmmmmmmmm. There are were all ages walking the sidewalks and visiting with friends. My daughter ran into 3 or 4 different groups of (former) classmates from college.
Oh man, I just didn't get the camera swung around quick enough.
These two old cars were racing up Main Street.
(The brown car is just barely visible, hidden by the newer car)
Okay, racing may not be the appropriate descriptions because their engines putt-putted more than varoomed. But it was cool

Downtown is undergoing revitalization.
Aren't most downtowns trying to come back to life?

Love the old tyme streetlamps and signs and the hanging flower baskets.
There are plenty of iron trashcans and iron benches to sit and relax along the street.

Look what we found when we returned to the parking lot:
And home again. Hope you enjoyed our walk!

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