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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free Lettuce Wrap Appetizer at P.F. Chang's

We went to PF Chang's on Sunday. Jay and Christy had never been and even tho' it was the wrong direction 'cause they were heading back to Columbia, we drove to the PF Chang's in Rogers at Pinnacle Hills. Look at that sky. Such a gorgeous and perfect day!

So imagine my reaction when I opened the email from Tif tonight with a link to a coupon for a free lettuce wrap appetizer from P.F. Chang's? (we had one y'know!) After disgust, sadness. anger, depression, angst my attitude changed to a hint of an idea and then delight. Hmmm, means we have to go again SOON! Click on the appetizer photo for the link. Fill out your email and you'll receive the coupon in your inbox and just have to print it out!Look who's warming up to Pop!!

Such a good Daddy:
Pretty roses!
So as we were driving around after shopping for a bit, the light was on at Krispy Kreme. The kids could not believe that neither Sweet Hubby nor I had ever had a HOT Krispy Kreme so Jay wheeled into the parking lot and we unloaded the van! Oh my! Well, I won't be doing THAT for a while...

Of course, we then picked out a dozen and could barely wait to get home and eat the ones each of us picked out! Krisy Kreme is not my friend. But sure is YUMMMMMMY!

Edit: Just noticed that two posts in a row were about donuts. Hmmmm, fate? God's will? I'd say, bad Shay!

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crazydaisy said...

Mmmmmmmmm. So when are you taking me???

I asked Myra in NYC to find the lcoation of that Mad Hatter's Tea place so we can go!!! I also asked if she wanted to join us! Granted, she's in the area... But at least she can help us FIND the place!!!