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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tapas not "topless"

Several times in the 2 years since I returned from Spain I have tried to explain tapas, or suggested a tapas restaurant to friends or family. It goes over like a lead balloon because I guess something gets lost in the traslation.

Since LJ moved to KC, we have been trying to explore and find new places when I visit (okay, it's all new). She read or heard about this restaurant and found that it has a Happy Hour!!!

"1/2 off Happy Hour
Monday - Friday, 2-6pm
Sensuous Tapas
50% off Spanish Appetizers
Refreshing Sangria
50% off A Spanish Wine Cocktail
Tasty Mellow Bebidas
50% off Premium Well Drinks
Jazzy Wines
50% off 50 wines by the glass
50% off Draft Beer & Domestic Bottles
We're talking HAPPY HOUR, Amigo!"

We went to La Bodega in the afternoon and it was just yummy!!!
We had:
Pincho de Pollo yChorizo Skewered chicken and chorizo with garlic cumin aïoli (not my fave)
AlbóndigasCaseras Meatballs in a spicy garlic cream sauce
Champiñones a la Plancha Roasted mushrooms with garlic & white wine- parsley sauce (oh my, yum)
This is the Plato de Embuditos, Escalivada yQueso Assorted Spanish meats, vegetables & cheeses.
The very green olives were the best I've ever had!!! mmmm mmmm mmmm
And the Serrano Ham was so delicate!LJ had the Sangria. (She makes it better.)
"You make time to enjoy the moment in an unhurried way. The threefold purpose of snacking on tapas is to dull any hunger pangs that have built up since the previous intake of comestibles to whet the appetite for the next, and to stimulate sociability, at which the Spanish excel."
My baby LJ. She spent a semester in Spain:
This photo may be bad, but you shoulda seen the other one! HA!

"Hacer una Barca The Spanish hate to see delicious sauce go to waste, which is
one of the reasons that bread, especially a crusty bread, is found in virtually every Spanish meal.
There is a Spanish idiom, “hacer una buca,” which means “to make a boat.” The idea is that
you “sail" a boat of bread around the plate, taking on the sauce."

Aren't the clouds on the ceiling adorable?
I swear I saw some fried eggs painted on the ceiling!
I didn't quite get the shot I was trying for.
Our waiter was making Spanish Coffee for someone.
I kept spying the flames and was intrigued!
Something about espresso, Kahlua and rum?
I don't remember for sure. Maybe next time!We'll be back!
If you are in KC, visit LaBodega!!!
(The photos of the front of the restaurant and the quotes are from the La Bodega website)
I haven't been blogging of late because some things have happened that I will share later. And I've been incredibly busy running allover the place! I'm off to Upstate NY on Thursday!

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Rue said...

Good morning Shay :)

I love Tapas! I don't think they have anything like that where I live, but they did in Virginia and it was goooood ;)

I hope nothing bad is going on and you're just busy.

rue :)