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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth!!!

We will be going to a friend's for a barbecue today and then setting fireworks off our dock this evening. Our town's celebration including parade, games and contests and fireworks is not until tomorrow. Happy Fourth Everyone!
The Fourth of July is always a fun, yet solemn Holiday, a celebration of our Freedoms and our Country's mighty History! I take a moment to remember the nearly 400 years that my family has been here. Yes, I am surrounded by Native American history, being at the edge of Indian Territory, but 4+ of our ancestors arrived on the Mayflower. My parents are from Boston originally and I love how that area is just enveloped in History everywhere you look.
Have you taken time to think about how much has changed in those 4 centuries? I often stand wherever and am and wonder what a placed looked like before we came and "improved" it.
The United States is the greatest counry in the world, has the greatest FREEDOMS and the greatest WEALTH!

Now, go out and CELEBRATE!!!

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Beverly said...

We do all need to remember all of the sacrifices that have been and still are being made for our wonderful country and our freedom.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. See you tomorrow.