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Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's Saturday again and time for more PINK!
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I know I know! I showed this throw on the futon at my daughter's apt 2 weeks ago.

Futons are notoriously uncomfortable when in the frame. And since this is her primary seating I promised to make something to make it more comfortable. I bought extra firm king-sized pillows and a Joe Boxer sheet. Cut huge strips and sewed a tube cover, tied the ends with strips of wild zebra print and then scrunched the bulk together. She really likes the look and it makes the seating much more enjoyable.
There are TWO!
I think they look like giant candies!

Here Grandgirlee #1 is tesing them out and gives her approval!
And she's PINK!

(sorry she's so blurry, she wouldn't sit still for another snapshot and obviously didn't sit still for this one!)


Beverly said...

You are a number one mom to make fun pink pillows. I think they look like giant candies, too.

It must be so great having your very own cute, pink girls.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Jeanne said...

Shay, those pink pillows are so 'candy like'. smile! Very cute, and so is your granddaughter. Go pink.


Marina Capano said...

HI! Nice to meet you!Happy Pink Saturday. Nice pink post! by the way, your girl is a doll, is so cute!
visit me anytime!

Joy said...

Cute stuff!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Great pink idea! The pillows are really cute! ~Rhonda

Dawn said...

My sister sleeps on a futon and it is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on. If I were able to I would offer to do something to dress it up like you did yours. I love the pink pillows!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Take care,

Vanessa Greenway said...

That is so sweet!! I have made pillow like that for my little one.
They're charmring and so cute! Blessing, Vanessa

Cami said...

I say your daughter is a lucky girl!

Dana said...

Hi Shay! You did a terrific job on those Pink pillows! I'm sure your daughter must love them! I DO hope you look up my friend's shop on the square in Independence---and tell her how WONDERFUL she looked on my Pink Saturday post. She, just like my other good friends, are amazing. They just let me take the photos and go with 'em. Nothing against Cargo Largo, but you will enjoy Shar's store and the other little shops on the Square! Happy Pink Saturday!

PAT said...

Gotta love that pink, Shay! Great pink Saturday post!

Mama Mia is on my must see movie list. Haven't gone to the "show" all summer! I say it's high time!

Did you ever take your trip?

We're back from the lake for a couple weeks. Really enjoyed our extended time there.

Have a wonderful week.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Shay!

Happy PINK Saturday!


Shirl said...

Hi, Happy Pink Saturday!
What a cute post, love all that pink! Thank you for sharing!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Margie said...

They do look like big "candies"! How cute! I really like the big pink polka dots!


Anne Fannie said...

Hello Shay, It was nice meeting you on Pink Saturday!
Love, Ann


Love these!!!
They look so soft but are so eye popping!! Polka polka dots.. they make me smile!!!
What a sweetheart you are to make these for her!!