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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I won! I won!

I received a package in my post office box:
It was packed tight!
Looky looky! I won a contest from cookiesunshine
I was a runnerup in the drawing but I sure feel special!
(my eldest's nickname is "Cookie")
Summer is here
It comes once a year
School will be out
It's time to shout
"It's time to get serious about summer!"

-donna childree gotlib
And a sweet personal note from Donna:


Thank you Donna!

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Heidi Ann said...

Happy Wednesday Shay, Just wanted to thank you for being one of your "dailies"!! I love that!!! Your delightful blog is one I so enjoy as well!...Your name has been added to my "giveaway", Shay! Good Luck my friend!...Heidi XO