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Saturday, July 19, 2008

PINK Saturday, Y'all!

Last week Mary at Across the Pond posted some PINK cowgirl hats from a boutique she had visited. Well, here, next to Indian Territory, we wear our cowgirl hats. Um, well, this photo isn't in Cowgirl Country, it's in Anaheim, CA. My sissy, stepmom (who live in CA) and I bought our PINK cowgirl hats at Disneyland. When we had left and after dining at Joe's CrabShack, we snapped this pic. This is my Sissy and me. And I love this photo so much, I have it on my title banner.

My stepmom isn't in the above photo because:
#1 She's camera shy
#2 She was taking the photo
#3 This is actually "take 2" on the hat and she didn't have hers with her. This was March 2006 and we had bought our matching hats Summer 2005 when we had driven out for a family vaca and somewhere in Texas on the way home, my hat flew out of the van and we didn't realize it until we were in Oklahoma. So this is actually my SECOND hat. Yep, went back to Dizzyland and bought another!

The next photo is from Cowboy and Indians Day at school. I knew I'd be wearin' my hat!

Guess who else wanted a pink hat when she saw Nana's? (And got one!!!)
We got hers at Bass Pro in Springfield!

Yea!!! Nana and grandgirlee!!!

Notice the fray on my hat? I could claim to have had a rough ride or something but the truth is, I hand carried it on the airplane from CA to MO and it didn't do too well. Having it shoved around in the upper compartment in the plane didn't help.

So there ya have it, my PINK this week! Be sure to visit all the other PINKS this Saturday, found listed at Beverly's!


Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Shay.

I adore you girls in your pink hats. I think I would definitely have to have one to those, too. You all look beautiful.

Dawn said...

Y'all look great in your pink hats! It looks like you have fun wearing yours.

Happy Pink Saturday!
take care,

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Shay, Not only do I love your "pink" cowboy hats...I also love you photos!!! You all look so CUTE!!!...Enjoy your day!...heidi XO

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Cute pink hats! ...and the grandaughter is precious!!! Is that a tiara on the front of yours? Love it! :) ~Rhonda

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Shay!

How cute you both look in your PINK cowgirl hats!

Happy PINK Saturday!


Britt said...

happy pink saturday!! love the hat(s)! kenz was going to post her pink cowboy hat but will have to wait until my camera is in order again.

ps. your profile pic is on page two when you google pink saturday images. hehe

Joy said...

Great photos! Love the pink-hatted granddaughter!

CONNIE said...

Oh, the 2 of look so adorable pink cowboy hats. I'm gonna get me one. I did seem them at IParty.


Rue said...

Hi Shay :)

Ya'll look really cute in those pink hats!

Oh and please don't ever take that game off. LOL It keeps me sane waiting for potential buyer ;)


Anne Fannie said...

Love the picture of all you girls in your pink cowgirl hats! Perfect for a Pink Saturday post!
Love, Ann

suesue said...

love the pink cowgirl hats! ya'll surely had fun with the vacuum-crazy hair day! have a great pink week.

Margie said...

How cute that you found little, tiny *pink* cowboy hats for the little ones as well! They are adorable!

KJ said...

Just following the PINK TRAIL...

Ah, this was fun!


PAT said...

Cute pink Saturday post, cute hat and cute little cowgirl!

We saw Mama Mia, yesterday. Loved it!! Wish we had gone to the Fabulous Fox when it was in town!