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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Update on Mom

Mom is doing okay... much the same, kinda like no news is good news. Last Thursday I took her to get a growth removed from the top middle of her thigh? It was ug-ly. Anyhow, since she sits in the wheelchair the doc was going to just let her stay in the chair to cut it out. After the doc left (to get ready) just she and I were in the room, she kept mumbling something. She kept trying to move toward the high-in-the-air examining table (which would be a bear to get her up on b/c she can't help) Finally she blurted out "I DON"T WANT TO WATCH!" I tried hard not to laugh b/c she is all stooped over and her head was right over where the growth was. Stoop yourself over when sitting down and look at your right leg... that's where it was!!! So they were gracious and fine with taking her down the hall to the day-surge room and put her on the surge gurney which was easy to transfer her. I have been laughing since. She's so funny!


crazydaisy said...

Poor Grandma.... I can imagine all of that, too! And her cheesy grin... Even though she wasn't grinning about all of that! I love you lots! Give Gramma a hug for me!

PAT said...

Hi Shay

I love this post. Sweet story! Enjoyed seeing and hearing about your wonderful children, too!

J's surgery is Tuesday. We'll be going to the "big city" tomorrow. I like staying near the hospital, these days. Sure beats the commute!