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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ditzy Blonde Moment

More like a ditzy blonde weekend!
I was toolin' around in my little car all Saturday... went shopping, chores, lunch, etc. I drove, Sweet Hubby crammed himself in the passenger seat.


I wasn't really going that fast! tee hee. I just like that snapshot!
See that left guage there? Below? The one that says 0 mph right now?

Well, that's where the miles per hour show up when driving. REALLY! And it can show me how many miles I have left until I need gas too. It can also show temperature outside. In fact anything below 36 degrees it tells me it's icy out. HA! It doesn't seem to know that freezing is 32 degrees!!! I digress.

So Saturday we are cruisin' and that guage keeps flashing! I thought maybe it wasn't working right, did I need some kind of service? Was something wrong? Nope everything worked fine and besides, it kept going back to how fast I was going. All was right with the world.

Well Sunday morning I was driving to church and it was flashing again. How annoying! STOP IT!!! Um, isn't this a lesser number than yesterday when Sweet Hubby was with me? OOhhhhh, Uh Oh, now I get it. Oh NOOOOO!! I only have 18 MILES left! That guage flashes when I'm getting low on gas!! Hey, so what is that little red light next to the gas guage??? Duh! So I drove home after church and parked it. It's not around the corner to a gas station since we live out in the middle of nowhere so I figured I'd wait until Monday. When I started her up in the a.m. it said 14 miles left, then before I got out to the road, 11!! Even though I was freshly showered, I was sweating as I was drove the 7-8 miles into town. I made it!! (were ya worried? hee hee) When I finally got to the filling station (do they still call them that?) and filled that baby up (she only takes the best Pree-Me-Yum!) she only had LESS than half a gallon in there.

Now maybe you live that close to the edge all the time but not me. Maybe you play a game with your gas guage, kinda a mental "Chicken", not this chick. Trust me friends, I have only run out of gas ONCE in my life and that was in 1975 when I was still in college in the San Fernando Valley!!! I'm not playing that game again. This is THE closest I have been to running out of gas since then... REALLY! And I bet it's a long time before it happens again! Realllllly!

Meanwhile, whatta ditz, duh, "What's that guage flashing for?" har har

Tell me your recent ditzy story!!


crazydaisy said...

When we lived on Dove Rd, I used to push the LeBaron to the limits, to see how far I could go before I needed gas! ce the gas light came on, I would reset the trip counter to see how far it would make it.... I got up to 4, but living out in the sticks, I got too scared of being stranded 4 miles from the gas station so I finally filled up! Oh, and I ran out of gas in my 'new-used car' in September about 15 blocks from our house. Our neighbor graciously drove me down there with a gallon of gas for my car! I now fill up every couple of days, never letting more that 100 miles add up on the trip counter!

Cecil said...

Well, I ran out of gas as I rolled into the gas station high school with a few carpool classmates. Not a nice moment...or a very triumphal one!