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Monday, April 21, 2008

My Babies!!!!!

There is absolutely not a single reason for posting this pic other than to reflect upon how proud I am of my children.

My eldest on the right, is a stroke survivor... 3 days before her 14th birthday. She is married to a doctor (she deserves the accolades too... putting hubby through, interrupting her college career) and is the mother of my first grandprodigy! She lives in Upstate New York and froze her hiney off this winter. (We are from San Diego remember!!)

The middle child, we used to call him a catalyst (would get in the middle of "things", stir 'em up, and sit back and watch the frenzy) suffers from all the traumas of any middle child. Says he remembers nothing about his childhood (at least when we tell stories about him, he denies them). He is in his 2nd year of PharmD school, so will also be a doctor! He is the father of grandprodigies #2 and #3!!! He lives in central MO. For now.

My baby girl is on the left. She is in her 5th year of college...? Ya see, she decided upon a dual major: Biology and Spanish, so it took a little longer to finish up. Didn't help that she spent a semester in Spain, got her off track in the Biology rotations of course offerings. But she graduates next month and then begins her graduate program in July: Occupational Therapy. She still hangs out at home, says it's cheaper! She has to move up to KC for grad school and moans about not being able to mooch off her parents any longer.

So there you have it, my kids!!! They are a rather cerebral group. Very academic and serious.



crazydaisy said...

I think I am the sanest of the lot!

Cecil said...

Well, Susan, my dear ksf, you have reason to be proud. AND you should also be proud of YOURSELF for your unfailing and unflinching, steadfast loving attention to their upbringing. :-) Those people in MO are lucky to have you and yours. I miss you here in CA!! We need to be frequenting the tea rooms! Love ya lots, ksf.