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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Scandinavian Update

Friday my students had their Scandinavian Lab.
When we do Foods 2 aka International Foods I always require tableclothes and simple flower vase centerpieces~~
this week I put flags in each vase.
And usually I have a CD that is appropriate
(this time I recycled the Paris Sidewalk Cafe CD).

They always surprise me with what they like and don't like.
They thought the cucumbers tasted bad, like something was wrong.

I reminded them of the ingredients and did it taste like the ingredients?
Yes. So they just aren't used to that flavor combo. Yes. BINGO!!!

Some didn't know what to make of the custard,
MY FAVE (Swedish Pan Cake),
served with whipped cream and lingönberries
not pictured here,
(but the Fingerprint Cookies are pictured here).

My husband loves flat bread so I include this in the menu.
The kids don't quite know what to make of it
since it is not salty, not sweet, not soft, not anything with which they are familiar:

Here's what the inside looks like.
They enjoyed cracking them into pieces but did not enjoy eating them !

My goal is to broaden the world of these small town Missouri teens.
Many will never eat at a REAL Mexican Restaurant
(only Taco Bell or Gringo's) and most
will never venture beyond the borders of our Great Nation.
I show a travel video rather than a Social Studies type video.
I want them to know the world is bigger than just our little burg.
I am not the world's biggest traveler, but I have either been to these places or God has put me in places to experience the peoples of these places.
My best friend through elementary school is Japanese and we are still in touch.
My roommate in college was 1st generation American Chinese. Her uncle had a restaurant in Chinatown in L.A. She would bring home the little white boxes when she returned on Sundays... containing the most amazing things inside. She taught me how to stir fry and some secrets of Chinese Cuisine.
When I was in college my mom was a member of the Explorers Club, headed up by Elmer_Dills of KABC tv in Los Anegles. The goal of this montly club was to enjoy the finest yet affordable ethnic cuisines of the Greater L.A. Basin. What an education that was!
I married a second generation Finn.
My mom is 1st generation Irish American but hated most of that fair isle's bland foods so she never prepared it for me. As I began to celebrate my heritage by teaching my own children I learned to love corn beef and cabbage and singing "Irish Eyes". They had wonderful cuisine when we toured the entire coast in 2002.
I've eaten my way thru a week in France.
I learned to make paella in Spain.
I lived in the San Diego area for 20 years and experienced the best Baja Mexican cuisine.
For her 80th birthday, my sweet foster mom requested dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. (For her 90th in February, they took her to a Thai restaurant). My niece had spent 3 weeks in a village in Africa so she taught us how to eat.
For my 50th we went to a Greek restaurant.
I think I mentioned in my profile that I love food.
Is it any wonder?

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crazydaisy said...

funny, I started to wonder where my love of food and its variety came from! I am my mother's daughter!