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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Church Wars

Sounds kinda serious, eh?

Not really. It's kinda comical. Within 5 miles of our little town there are 4 Baptist Churches, 3 Christian Churches , a Holiness Church, 2 Churches of Christ, a Methodist Church, 2 Assemblies of God, an Apostalic Church, Catholic Church, Free Church and various other little congregations that even I don't know about.
Below is a pic of the old Christian Church in town. This is the old building. It got too small and landlocked, so they sold it to a florist and she runs the old sanctuary as a wedding chapel now. Isn't that neat? It's so pretty!

They've since removed the broken neon sign.

This photo below is of our Main Street. Look closely, it's flooded. This pic is from last summer. I kept forgetting to snap some pics of the recent flooding this Spring. We even got an extension on our taxes because we are a Nat'l Disaster Area! (I mailed mine already.)
The streets are designed to flood into the creek that is halfway down the block. I don't know if you can see the little footbridges on the left side. They get rolled out past all the water so that customers can get to the sidewalks! They are definate Yankee Ingenuity (even tho' we are south of the Mason Dixon Line) and cute! You can see one in the church photo above.
BTW, that's the only stoplight we have in town and it's just a flashing red light. Quite a culture change for a gal who grew up at the beach in L.A.

Okay, back to the church wars? It's Sundays at the pizza place on Main Street. The fight is over who can get to the Sunday $5-all-you-can-eat-including-drink Buffet before who. Last time we sat with a friend who is now the pastor of one of the other Christian Churches. He said they always try to get there before the Baptists and the Methodists. I couldn't stop laughing at that statement!

Oh I am so glad to have moved to a small town!! Where the worst thing I've found is fightin' over pizza!

P.S. I just needed to add, we do have a great community of believers in this area. We have the Ministry Alliance, pastors of the churches get together and pray together, plan community worship services, special events and such. And we have the local Youth Dudes: the coalition of youth pastors who sponsor activities with the high school, such as a drawing each homegame to sit on a rickety old couch on a trailer and free pizza (there's that pizza again) behind the goalpost and a Fifth Quarter after the football and basketball games and summer trips and so many other activities. Again, this is a great place to live!

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