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Monday, January 21, 2008

What's Your Dream?

Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday
In looking back at the years before Martin Luther King's death, so much has changed. (I remember that day as well as the day JFK was killed and I was watching tv as Bobby Kennedy was shot) I grew up in the L.A. beach area and never really understood prejudice. I guess I grew up colorblind. I knew it was there but never understood why. I had black friends. Japanese friends, Mexican friends and I'm sure more nationalities but they were just kids. The stories of "white only" or "colored only" restrooms, drinking fountains and even schools was totally beyond my ken. I must admit that at times I have thought there was too much falderal about Dr King and having his own day, a day off of school. He wasn't a president, he wasn't a public official who held an important office. I wasn't even thinking much about him at all until my kindergartner granddaughter told me she is thinking about what HER dream is. She's 5 and I suggested that coming to my house was her dream. Nooooooo, that wasn't at ALL what SHE was thinking about. Something much more important. So I have been thinking about that all weekend... what is MY dream?
I guess I have several dreams.
  • That all would know Jesus as Savior and I wouldn't have to worry about eternity for my loved ones.

  • That the students of America (especially those in my school) would wake up and realize that public education is free for the taking! Take advantage of it. I was watching the Garth Brooks video today "We Shall Be Free" and there is a statement made in pieces by several celebrities: "The key to success is education, education, education." Oh, if only our kids would "get it".Our nation depends upon it.

  • To lose 40 lbs. I'm dreaming here!

  • That my mom would get better and I could have some quality time with her. That has never been so.
Well, that's enough for now. I'm sure I could come up with more if I didn't think about it.
What's Your Dream?
I did have a nice quiet day home from school. I got lots of paperwork done and Mom was released from the hospital and is back in the nursing home. Oh she is so frail and her mind so fractured. It's heartbreaking. But at least she is back in familiar surroundings. Thanks for all who sent along their gentle caring comments. Here's a picture of her from this July when all the kids were here except the Doc. I've posted this before but several months ago. Note that Baby J is still in the oven!

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crazydaisy said...

I love you and grandma. LOTS!