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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rock On!

Rock Around the Clock!!!

I made it! Last Friday night (and on into Saturday) some of my students did a Rock-A-Thon. IN my classroom. It is a FUN-draiser for our local American Cancer Society's Relay-for-Life. The students get pledges for donations for them to "rock" all night. 8am til 8am!!! They bring their own rocking chairs and have to rock in their chairs ALL night long! Some do homework, read books, we play lots of games:

work on projects

and watched all 3 Pirates movies and several others. We made pizza from scratch at midnite!

About 3am it was hard to keep some of them awake...

I am getting too old for this. But it was fun. I slept most of Saturday away because I HAD to stay awake alllllll night and until their rides come if they don't have their own cars! Can you imagine what they'd do to the old lady if she fell asleep??? Oh yikes, just the thought.

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