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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just can't help myself!

More photos from the grandgirlee visit this past weekend. Can you stand s'more?

Goodies in a box from Hiya and my Sissy Tam and Nef:

Oh the giggles and squeals ~ ~ from H AND Elmo!

H was chasing them allover the house!

New friends all lined up!

(excuse the dog food, Hubby can't seem to find another home for it except for in the middle of the living room... how convenient!)

And for some reason, J didn't get to play with HER new toy very much.
Big Sissy H said, "I looking!"

But J did manage to get ahold of the stuffed "Bambi"
(just like my Sissy Tam's BIG doggie)

"Come here!"

"A little kiss for you!"

Oh this is so much fun!

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PAT said...

Shay these photos are priceless! Such sweet babies, you have! Aren't they fun!