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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SURPRISE and "my Pepsi's"!!!

Last Friday evening I was SOOOOOoooooo exhausted from the first week back at school after the Holidays. I know I know, 1 teacher day and a short 2 day week with students shouldn't be that taxing but I was totally worn out. So after putting on my PJ's, I sat on the couch to watch the tube with LJ. I could hardly keep my eyes open & was preparing to wander down the hall to bed when I could hear my daughter -in-law's ringtone on my cell way down the hall in my bathroom. I couldn't get there in time and sweet hubby brought it out (couldn't figure out how to answer it tho'). It started ringing again and when I answered, C said, "So are you just going to let your grandgirlees sit out here in the cold?" THEY WERE HERE... IN MY DRIVEWAY!! Ooo, I woke RIGHT up and ran out the front door to grab those girlees! So we spent a great weekend just hangin out and playing. (Hitting Target on Saturday with Christmas goodies 90% off was fun too!)

The girls are pretty techo-saavy. J is constantly telling H "no buttons!!" Look at those sneaky fingers. Looks like Baby J is eyeing the buttons too!

Baby J has discovered her reflection and is enthralled!
Yep, not quite 2 months old and already 13+ lbs!!!

H couldn't resist the soda bottles sitting on the floor (this is after Christmas).
She gathered them around her like a kindergartner playing school.
When we asked what she was doing she replied,
"My Pepsi's!"

Sunday afternoon a miracle happened...
BOTH girls were napping at the same time!
I encouraged J & C to go take a walk, it was almost 75 degrees that day!
So they went down to the dock.
J is seen here trying to convince Charlie to "fetch" the sticks he was
throwing into the water. Charlie looked at J as if to say, "After you!"

I was so happy to have the kids here for the weekend!
I asked N to come (from upstate NY) but she said she has to go to school. sigh


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Oh, I can't wait (well yes I can, for awhile) for the day I will have my own grandbabies to love and spoil! My oldest is almost 20, and has been dating the same awesome young man for four years. Definitely don't want the grandbabies yet, of course, but maybe in 7 years. :-) Sounds delightful!

Happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shay, what a beautiful day, such a special time together. And she is soo cute!! Jenn and Jacqui