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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fishin' N Tea

It's been cold here and the lake is frozen over for the first time since we've lived here. Today it was mid 60's and the lake began to thaw, so Sweet Hubby couldn't resist... he set his pole in the holder and hoped. Can ya see it? Can you see where the water is still frozen?

I've shared before that I teach International Foods. My goal is to open the world to my high school students, give them a hint of different cultures through learning about the customs and cultures of various countries. Our first visit was to England. A simple British Tea, sort of. I can't get too authentic on my minimal budget.

Each group researches, writes a paper, prepares a PowerPoint and presents an oral report. AND "something extra". They have to decide what it will be. The Great Britain Group brought in Shepherd's Pie, although that is more Irish. They were pretty proud, one of the boys' mother made it and brought it in HOT. And it was GOOD! Thanks guys! Here they are serving:

I am always amazed how subdued the students become when they are out of their comfort zone. With the table linens and tea pots and "weird-to-them" sandwiches, and what are scones all about?... they get an idea that McDonald's isn't the end all. (Actually, they think Red Lobster and Olive Garden are fancy restaurants!) I had reminded them of my expectations of manners, and they complied for the most part, they had polite quiet conversations and waited on each other. And they were surprised and pleased with cucumber sandwiches and scones. Being south of the Mason-Dixon line, many had never in their lives had hot tea and were determined they weren't going to like it. They liked it.

I realized that the table settings aren't perfect. I don't have enough creamers so had to make due with measuring cups. I need to make a list for yard sales and flea markets....

Next up: France.

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