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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365-2010 Jan 9 & 10

Yesterday I got out of the house and you know what? 
The roads weren't that bad!
We stopped by the Post Office before heading up to town. 
Here we are parked in front of the Post Office.

I'm waiting for Sweet Hubby to come out 
from picking up our mail. 
We don't get rural delivery, 
so we have a PO Box.  

The only other establishments in our little town are
a coupla churches (including ours) 
and the convenience store.  
When we first moved to MO,
the convenience store was called
"Guns, Gas & Groceries".  
Now it's called One Stop.
Today's pic was going to be a snapshot 
of the "bearcoon" my son carved
with a chainsaw back when he was in high school.

And then I had a chance to pass some barns.  
You know how I love barns.  
These are 2 barns that nobody loves.

But when we got home from church 
and our running around,
this is what we found out our window.
I am still appalled that our neighbor,
an adult, started jumping up and down
on the ice right off his dock.

And then he and his friend walked out to the middle.

They eventually walked all the way across 
and sat below our house on the bank.
That's when I went out and asked who they were.
I thought it was some idiotic teens goofing off.
There have been reports of at least 5 broken ice/lake deaths
across the country that I know of during THIS cold snap.
Sweet Hubby is sick of my ranting 
about the potential for disaster.
At least they are okay.

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crazydaisy said...

It'll be their disaster, not yours.... So have a cuppa tea!