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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project-365 1-2-2010

Okay, it's not the best quality photo, taken with my iPhone whilst walking into the theatre.  
But I finally decided to join in and go see Avatar.

Sweet Hubby didn't take too much convincing.  
He, Jay!, Christy & LJ went to see it before Christmas while 

I got to stay home with the little girlees!!!  
So today, to get out of the house, I asked him to take me to see the movie.

I have spent this 2 week Christmas Break/Vacation doing nothing!!! 
It has been very relaxing, but very very unproductive.  I blame the weather. 
However I shall return to school well rested, in mind, body and spirit.

And because I always have an opinion, Avatar was very good. 
Star Trek was better, but Avatar will win more awards. 

(Photo: Avatar Official Movie Website)

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