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Friday, January 8, 2010

Front Yard Cicles

Across the country in Upstate New York, 
they have much more snow than we do 
but it's warmer today!
Of course, that's not saying much 
with our highs in the single digits. 

My big grandgirlee finally got her Christmas presents from her Pop and me.  
She was in Cali with her other grands for the Holidays 
so I  mailed the gifts a little late.  

And the only thing Nicolee asked for was a glasses case.  
MAN are they hard to find... 
without looking like granny cases.  
But I found two and this one was the true find!  

I personalized it and she loved it.

Look closely, she already put her glasses inside!

We got her "other" stuff of course.

Oh I miss her, 
but she is pretty adept at texting, 
so we "talk" often.

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crazydaisy said...

That's my adorable little girl!!! And my messy living rom!!!! And my stinky, POJ car!!! (Ooh, Alanna would have called it a 'piecer!')