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Friday, April 10, 2009

Fire and Rain

Yesterday I came home from school
and it was just beautiful outside so I snapped a few pics.
Windy, but gorgeous!
Isn't that dogwood unbelievable???
This is what I see out my kitchen window. ~sigh~
Another view,
see the effect of the wind on the water?
Time to take down the snow man flag.
I've blamed him for the cold weather we've had.
See what the wind did the other day?
(my poor umbrella)
As the afternoon continued, we were under Severe Thunderstorm warning and Tornado Watch.
It got darker and darker.Rained hard and the sky turned green.
And then this scene developed across the lake:

It looked like the house across the lake was on fire:
And we ended up with a beautiful sunset:


crazydaisy said...

Beautiful pictures of the lake.... Even through the extreme winds and crimson skies!!!

Neabear said...

Gorgeous sunset! Now I see where the picture in your header is from. Awesome!