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Sunday, April 19, 2009

EB Saturday!!! Pure Bliss

I moaned about missing
National Eggs Benedict Day.

Usually I prepare this delightful dish for special events like birthdays and ALWAYS for Christmas Brunch. But sonners mentioned that I could still fix it for him! He was the only one here Saturday morning. His girls were at his in-laws for the week and he came here b/c I had already planned to watch the little girlees all day while they helped at a workday for Christy's bother, and he'd just meet them here. And Sweet Hubby was at the church elders retreat. So I got up and had this all ready when Jay trudged up the stairs yesterday morning.
I prepare Eggs Benedict differently than most.
I first prepared Eggs Benedict in college using conventional methods, in my Food Science course, was it the final?? I aced it first try! My roommate lucked out with fudge as her assignment and she still couldn't get it right after 3 tries. I digress, just braggin'.

So now, rather than the classic approach poaching the eggs on the stovetop, I microwave them. They may need to be turned after several minutes to set the other side. Just check 'em (and cover them):
(oops... I guess I need to wipe out the micro!)

I broil the English Muffins and the ham or Canadian Bacon (forgot to snap that step, but you know what it looks like, just imagine ham on the little well-used tray):

I also stray from tradition in that I ALWAYS prepare the Hollandaise in the blender. Sure I can make it in a double boiler, or even 2 saucepans if a double boiler is not available (been there - done that). But I find the blender quicker, easier, more consistent and easier to pour. I can hear the change in the whirring when the eggs have been cooked and the sauce has thickened. FYI: This batch was just for 2. Usually, I triple the recipe or more!
Plating awaits!!!
Awwww, the finished product. Just as we began, the girls showed up. Lucky for us, they had already eaten breakfast and we didn't have to sacrifice more than a few bites.
If you are afraid of fancy sauces, or yours always break, try mine! If your family hates Hollandaise (how sad, but that's the case of my eldest), prepare a single batch for your breakfast (just don't put H sauce on theirs) and then save the leftover sauce for your broccoli or asparagus or other delectable delicacy later. yummmmmmmm!

Blender Hollandaise
makes approx 1 cup

4 Egg Yolks at room temperature
1/2 Cup Butter (1 stick), melted
1½-2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
*Salt (only if you do NOT use salted butter. I'm lazy, I use salted)

  • Be sure to separate your eggs and allow them warm to room temperature.
  • Microwave butter until melted and just beginning to bubble.
  • Whir egg yolks in blender.
  • Add lemon juice to egg yolks (and salt if you use unsalted butter, just a shake)
  • Reheat butter to make sure it is bubbling hot.
  • Turn on blender, open the itsy bitsy cap in the middle of the lid and slowly pour the hot, melted butter into the mixture in a steady stream until all gone.
  • Continue whirring blender until you hear the gearing slow down, which means the eggs have cooked and sauce thickened.
  • You may let the sauce rest until you are ready to serve (maybe while you are poaching the eggs). Then give it one more whir to make sure it's well emulsified and pour.
To increase yield, just multiply recipe times 2 or 3. Any more than that and you might have to make separate batches.

I have only had this recipe "break" once in 35 years, so it's pretty tried and true. Can't say the same for the stovetop version. I'd say that my success rate is closer to 50%.

Let me know if you need to know how to poach eggs in the microwave.
Oh, yum!

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crazydaisy said...

No, it's LUCKY for your eldest that the others don't like it.... More for me! Now I need to make me some! I was smackin' my lips at the pictures!