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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Pretties

Easter Sunday morning starts early!
The girls and parents are at Nana's house.

Something in my tummy before Sunrise Service:
We're all tired:
But I'm still cute.

Got the hats on and off to church we go!Look! The boys are already checkin' out our cuties!
Watch out for Daddy, boys!
Oh Oh Oh! Look who else is here! Best friend Ellie! (See Samuel's little feeties?) Oh! I didn't even notice Daddy's mugging for the camera!

Fun together:
Come on girls!
Ring Around the Rosies!

Pocket full of Posies!


We ALL Fall DOWN!!!Quite a colorful breakfast after Sunrise Service!
Check out the dimples on those baby hands!
Picture time:
Baby J:

Nana and baby are both tired:
Ooooooo! Easter Egg Hunt @ church:
Look at my haul!
Ohhh the joys of a Family Photo:

Here we all are! Thanks Saretta!
I'm cute:

Air Jordan?
Doll carriers instead of Easter baskets:
Oh look! Cheerios left over from this morning before Sunrise Service:
Easter Dinner DID take a long time to get ready!

Nana, come under here with me!

Time to frost the cake!

Ta Da!
Go Vanna!
Good Job!
Okay, it passes!

Sissy misses the cake decorating:

Bought this to try. It's basket grass imported from Germany and is made out of potatoes and sugar. But it tasted like stale, sweet, boring potato chips! (LJ put the mini cadbury eggs inside)

Hey! The cake turned out okay!I never bothered with the "Wilton" method!
And then on the other side of the country! Another Easter Egg hunt!
Tink is helping!
Got quite a few!
Oooo! Look! I see two!
Oh! Look at that basket! Looks familiar! Did Nana make it?
Ahhhhh, the whole fam dressed up for Easter!
Happy Easter to all!


crazydaisy said...

Oh, I LOVE H and J's dresses! They are beautiful! And LJ looks snazzy. And that cake looks yummy! And and and (Felicia made the BIG basket for me, you made N's Easter basket!)

Love ya!

Neabear said...

Enjoyed looking through the pictures. Your grandgirlies are so cute and precious. Wonderful memories for you.