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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Graduation Weekend!

My baby girl graduated from college! Biology AND Spanish!!! Oldest daughter came with her Doc and Granddaughter #1 and Son came with his wife and Granddaughters #2 & 3!! We made it a great weekend! She's off to Graduate School for Occupational Therapy in July. This is MY baby girl and she is a joy to us!
Her siblings are proud!

The whole family is proud!!! Baby J wants a better look at that dual degree!

(H was conked out!)

On the way home, this greeted us as we neared our house:

The funeral for the firefighter who was killed in the tornado was going on. We drove on by the church to see all the fire equipment lined up. Very impressive. They really know how to honor one of their own. Daughter-in-law's dad is a fire chief so we were all very interested in what was going on (he would have brought his engine up for the ceremony had he not been on call that weekend.)

When we got home we had a barbecue and partied on the deck,

and played some Wii, even Nana,
played with friends,

the guys fished,
played some more Wii.
Other things we did throughout the weekend included mini golf

and Incredible Pizza in Springfield:

My "kids" rode the bumper cars (even grandgirlee on the far right in the white dress.)

And then they all went home! What great fun!

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crazydaisy said...

I DO look great in that sibs pic! I am the only sane-looking one!!! I had so much fun, let's do it again! Well, when I graduate from college... And in a few weeks!!! I love you! And dad! And grandma! And LJ! And J and C and H and JJ (That's the J Junior!)