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Thursday, May 29, 2008

For Sale

Our friends posted this sign on the road by their house after the tornado. They are next door to my friend who was killed. They were in Connecticut when the tornado hit and their son was at home! They returned right away the next day, driving straight through. We laughed at their sense of humor. The sign says:
4 Sale
Open Floor Plan
Great Sun Roof
Air Conditioning Year Round
"Few Repairs?"
I'm sorry the quality of the photo is so poor. I was in the back seat and this was a fly by. Also, I wanted to return and try again with a pic of the house but they have for the most part torn the house down and the sign is gone too.
The sad thing is they are indeed selling. They decided that it's time for a new chapter in their lives. Their youngest graduated from high school on the 17th and they are packing up and leaving for Connecticut next week. Hmmm, packing up? Nothing to pack up. Just checking out of their hotel room and leaving. We'll miss them. They are a fun and hospitable family.
Anyone need a fixer upper?

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