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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pink Saturday, sort of

I didn't get around to participating in 
Beverly's Pink Saturday. 
But these photos didn't happen until today anyhow.  
Here are my girlees, mostly in pink!

Happy to find a pink reel at Bass Pro:

Mommy and Girlee:

Sweet girlee in her great grands' Native Ozark garden:
And all the way across the Country in Upstate NY, 
a gorgeous Spring Day 
was spent at the golf course.  
For some reason, this cart chauffeur 
doesn't look too thrilled! 
Ohhh I love these girls.
(didn't get her mommy in the pic, b/c she was behind the camera... but there's the Doc!)

And my other girlee is far away in Santiago, Chile.  
No photos yet!
And please have a Blessed Easter, 
remembering the day that Heaven 
triumphed over death!!  

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