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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pine Valley Eggs

We’ve been making Pine Valley Eggs for as long as I can remember.  April 2010 2 246
Sweet Hubby worked at Pine Valley Bible Camp as a teen.  When we lived in Cali we annually went to Family Camp, Ladies’ Retreat, the kids went to Youth Camps.  Tif roller skated on the Dining hall slab while Sweet Hubby helped work on the building. I used to go up and help decorate the Dining Hall for Christmas.  Tif worked there as a teen.  Tif met her Doc there. Doc worked at the camp.  Doc was Jay’s counselor one summer.  Tif and Doc’s wedding was at the Camp.  Doc’s parents worked and met and were married there.
PVBC has a special place in our hearts.
And Pine Valley Eggs has a special place in our family recipe book!
In order to be more efficient when serving Eggs & Bacon, the cooks at PVBC would add the bacon to the scrambled eggs.  That way there were no bacon hogs.
April 2010 2 248
Sweet Hubby cooked Pine Valley Eggs when he was cook for the Awana Boys Campout in the desert. 

It’s very easy.  I cut the bacon in to 1-2” pieces and fry up crispy. 
April 2010 2 224
Drain grease and set aside until needed:
April 2010 2 231
Next wipe out the pan,
but leave enough bacon grease
so that the eggs don’t stick.
April 2010 2 232 
2+ eggs per person:
April 2010 2 226 
Scramble your eggs: April 2010 2 234 April 2010 2 230
Add to your preheated pan:
April 2010 2 233
Keep scrambling the eggs until not quite set:
April 2010 2 238 April 2010 2 239
Stir in the bacon:
April 2010 2 240
And gently toss until eggs are done. 
April 2010 2 248
Oh this is making me hungry!
Serve and Enjoy!
April 2010 2 247

It’s great for breakfast on the run, when everyone can’t sit down to eat together.  It can be ready on the stove.  Even stuffed in a tortilla as needed. Just add a little cheese and salsa!
Tiffany introduced Pine Valley Eggs to Camp Barnabas when she worked there.  It’s a great way to mask the taste of “powdered eggs”!

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crazydaisy said...

Oh, I LOVE Pine Valley Eggs! In fact, we love them for dinner, too!