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Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Sale

My son in law 
(whose birthday is today, 
Happy Birthday Dr. Dave) 
is nearing the end of his medical residency 
and will go active United States Air Force July 1st.  
Because of that, Tif and Dave's adorable 1910 Craftsman in Upstate New York, 
their first home, is on the market:
I'm going to miss these Craftsman French Doors.
They are beyond "yum"!
And the coffered ceiling!
Oh my.  Sigh!

And the view of Thompson Park:
Yes, that's the view from their curb. 
The view is even better from Nicolee's window:

Another "For Sale" sign has just gone up!  

It's upstairs in Nicolee's bedroom!  
 On Buttercup's door:

Nicolee was a bit upset when she first saw it, 
but it is what it is.  
Is Buttercup going to move with them 
when they leave H20 Town?  
Or is Buttercup looking for a new family?  
We are all waiting to hear. 

Here's a closer look:

1 comment:

crazydaisy said...

Buttercup hasn't said anything yet.....

We'll let you know!

P.S. Look how cute Nicolee is next to her window! And now she's so grown-up!