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Thursday, July 19, 2007


It's a pleasant July morning and if you've never visited before, well, neither have I! I will try this blogging thang and see what happens. I always have lots to say and here's a spot to say it. Hope you don't get too bored as I flutter about the country & the world or give a microscopic view of my own little world...
My LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ comes first. The rest of my world consists mostly of my family: husband, children and their special spouses and my prodigious grandgirlees, and mothers, sis and extended family. And of course my friends and students.
So pour yourself a cuppa and wander in and out at will.

Blessings upon your day!


crazydaisy said...

Beautiful pic! I can't wait to read more! I may not hve the same cuppa tea, but cappuccino or hot chocolate might take its place! And I just love stories!!!

Cecil, ksf said...

Beautiful photo! So glad to "hear" from ya. Maybe I should try this, you know I always have a "viewpoint". Eagerly anticipating your comments and adventure tales. Luv ya, ksf!