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Saturday, July 28, 2007

the gift

Sometimes it's hard to believe I have a brain at all, let alone one that is supposedly educated.

Last Summer L was living in Spain and T came to visit, bringing L's October birthday presents with her and hiding them throughout the house with scavenger hunt hints. Well one of the gifts has never been located.

Yesterday I was working in the laundry room and came across a gift wrapped and labeled for L. I gladly brought it in to her delighted that I had finally found the missing gift from a year ago!!! We called T on the phone so she would be "with" us as L opened the gift!!! The girls were giggling and when L ripped off a corner I knew I had made a mistake!!!

Fast forward to earlier this summer. L was at a wedding and T & I went shopping and found a perfect gift for L for THIS birthday. Since T was dropping me off at the airport I asked her to take it home and wrap it and put it in the shelves where we keep gifts and wrapping paper.

Yep, you guessed it, it was the gift for THIS birthday. I'm sure you NEVER do anything like that. We were guffawing all day at my latest foible. I am the constant source of hilarity among my offspring. Cheez Whiz... I hope I have lifted your spirits!!!

Blessings Dear Ones!!!

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crazydaisy said...

PUH-lease. This one is as much your fault as it is mine! However, I got as many laughs out of it as you did! (Except I felt a little silly afterwards).....