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Thursday, July 19, 2007


I was thinking about the initials in our family. Years ago when there were just the 5 of us, we signed Christmas cards and other correspondance KSTJL, indicating the first letter for each of us in this little family. Well in thinking about posting a comment I noticed that so far, we STILL have a different initial for everyone in the family. T married D and they had grandgirlee#1 N. Then J married his C and GG#2 H came along. So far no duplicates.

Ah, but when we get into extended family it gets crazy, K & an R, and M & H then a B and oops it all goes off my theory with another R and my sissy T and her C and more then more repeats and oh well. It works only for the immediate clan.

J & C... the pressure is on for grandgirlee#3 to fit in with a letter of her own!

Blessings all!

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crazydaisy said...

And the P and the O and the huh? I got lost with the letters! I didn't see a D, did I??? love ya!